Sugary treats are one of the many pleasures of life. Those with a sweet tooth among us will know that there's something so irresistible about everything cake, cookie, and chocolate-related.

But the latest dessert drop is one of the most delicious we've seen - and the internet is excited!

There's nothing better than gorging on a sweet treat from time to time.

Those with a sweet tooth will understand that sometimes you just have to let yourself indulge in some sugary goodness.

It's something many of us are unable to resist...

Dessert may not be the healthiest option but it tastes so good.

Whether you're a cake lover or a chocoholic... or both...

There are many options out there to give us that sweet fix.

But there's one classic that is truly at the top of the ranks.

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... ice cream.

There are so many options out there.

From classics like vanilla and strawberry to more extravagant flavors like cheesecake, no matter your preference, there's something for everyone.

Ice cream is also perfect for any occasion.

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Broken up with your boyfriend? Whip out a tub of ice cream. Having a girls' night in? Dig out the ice cream.

But when it comes to getting the perfect scoop of ice cream goodness...

There's one brand that truly tops the ranks... Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen's soft serve is among the best out there.

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The chocolate-dipped cone is a personal favorite of ours.

But their latest drop is being hailed as their best yet...

Our inner 8-year-old is screaming right now...

There's a new Blizzard on the menu...

Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

The creation is the ultimate treat.

And is perfect for fans of Girls Scout cookies.

You can get one in mini, small, medium, and large sizes...

And it looks like the best flavor they've brought out so far.

We'll be taking a large, then.

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