Dairy Queen's Releases Fall 2020 Flavors | 22 Words

Sugary treats are one of the many pleasures of life. Those with a sweet tooth among us will know that there's something so irresistible about everything cake, cookie, and chocolate-related.

But the latest menu drop by Dairy Queen has us all running to the nearest store for a bite and guess what? We've got all the low down on the fall items...

There's nothing better than gorging on a sweet treat.

Those with a sweet tooth will understand that sometimes you just have to let yourself indulge in some sugary goodness.

It's something many of us are unable to resist...

Dessert may not be the healthiest option but it tastesĀ so good.

Whether you're a cake lover or a chocoholic... or both...

There are many options out there to give us that sweet fix.

But there's one classic that truly at the top of the ranks.

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...Ice cream.

There are so many options out there.

From classics like vanilla and strawberry to more extravagant flavors like cheesecake, no matter your preference, there's something for everyone.

Ice cream is also perfect for any occasion.

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Broken up with your boyfriend? Whip out a tub of ice cream. Having a girls' night in? Dig out the ice cream.

But when it comes to getting the perfect scoop of ice cream goodness...

There's one brand that truly tops the ranks... Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen's soft serve is among the best out there.

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The chocolate-dipped cone is a personal favorite of ours.

But their latest 2020 menu is being hailed as their best yet...

Our inner 8-year-old is screaming right now...

There are a whole bunch of new items on the menu... including a set of new Blizzards.

And the reactions have been nothing but positive after the unveiling.

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Let me take you through each item... Starting with the Pumpkin Cookie Butter Shake.

Now if we're talking about fall flavors, would it be complete without a pumpkin-flavored drink? Of course not. This bad boy is prepped to take on Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Caramel Apple Pie Blizzard.

Our first Blizzard combines two other fall classics: Caramel and Nutmeg. This soft-serve treat contains real apple-pie pieces and caramel-coated truffles with a dash of nutmeg on top.

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard.

Dairy Queen has done us all a favor by bringing back last year's classic, the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. A similar style to the previous Blizzard, however, this one contains pumpkin pie pieces.

Brownie Dough Blizzard.

Here's a good one for cookie dough lovers. This Blizzard combines brownie dough, chocolate fudge chunks, and cocoa powder for an extremely chocolatey flavor.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard.

Warning: You will need a serious sweet tooth for this one. The combo of vanilla soft serve ice cream with Snickerdoodle cookie dough and cinnamon sugar makes for a sweet, yet delicious dessert.

Choco-Dipped Strawberry Blizzard.

I know what you're thinking. Where are all the healthy options? Well, this is as good as it gets with the Choco-Dipped Strawberry Blizzard. At least you can get one of your five-a-day with the real strawberry chunks in this one...

Oreo Mocha Fudge Blizzard.

And finally, we have this little bad boy. If you thought the previous options were not as sweet as you want them, then here you go. This chocolatey Blizzard has Oreo cookie pieces, chocolate fudge chunks, and coffee with a vanilla soft serve for the king of all Blizzards.

So when will all these exciting new flavors be available?

They are all now available at participating stores so you can get your hands on them by calling your nearest store and seeing which ones they have available.

And remember to keep your eyes peeled for the Blizzard of the Month.

That's right, there's more. If these new desserts weren't enough, rumor has it that there is going to be a new flavor every month until the end of the year that you and your friends can test out.

So I guess 2020 isn't all that bad, right?

Well... I wouldn't push it that far, to be honest. Keep scrolling to read up on everything that has happened this year...