Rapper Becomes First Person to Have Gold Chains Surgically Implanted into his Head as Hair

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Dan Sur has presented the world with what has been described as one of the boldest looks yet…

Now, a lot of rappers love to experiment with their looks in order to stand out from the crowd.

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Take Lil Uzi Vert for example.
The rapper had a diamond worth twenty-four million dollars implanted into his forehead. Granted, it was ripped out by fans at a festival so had to be replaced with a piercing (big yikes) but it still gave Uzi the publicity he was looking for to help further his career.

And now, it seems as though the new kid on the block, Dan Sur is following suit.

However, rather than wasting his money on a chunky diamond, the reggaeton rapper has opted for gold chains surgically implanted into his head to replace his hair.

“The truth is that I wanted to do something different because I see that everyone dyes their hair. I hope not everyone copies me now,” he said in one of his videos.

“I have it as a hook that is implanted in my head and that hook has hooks and they are all hooked in my skull, under my skin.
“This is my hair. Golden hair. The first rapper to have gold hair implanted in human history.”

As much as he likes it, do his fans think it’s cool?

Some are loving the bold look…

While others… Not so much.

Caracol TV reported that the rapper underwent the procedure earlier this year and had numerous hooks attached to his head so that the gold chains could hang from them.

Apart from giving him a headache, because I bet they’re heavy as f***, the chains might also be a bit of a hindrance while performing.

I can’t imagine they’re safe for jumping around a big stage unless he ties them up or something. And what about if someone tries to pull them out of his head? I wonder if he even thought of those possible scenarios? Probably not. Clout-chasing is a powerful disease.
Either way, imagine spending millions on a procedure, only for it to become your ultimate downfall.

After posting videos about his new hair, the artist managed to get the attention he was craving.

On TikTok, his followers shot up from about 12,000 before the operation to 1.9 million and thousands more on Instagram.
Let’s just hope he’s got a plan on how he’s going to maintain this extravagant look.