Dating Expert Says That Men Should Never Split the Bill on First Date as it ‘Looks Cheap’

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A dating “expert” has given men some pretty controversial advice and the internet is completely divided over it.

Who should pay for the first date?

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It’s the age ol’ debate.
Personally, I think the first date should always be 50/50 because you never know if you’re going to see them again. If by a miracle, you want to see them for a second, you can fight it out, but for the first, it’s best to keep it neutral. Realistically, not everyone agrees with this stance though and instead, a lot of women expect the man to pay for everything and that’s just the reality of it.

And recently, dating expert Nelly, also known by her TikTok handle, @ask.nelly, re-iterated the “traditional” view, warning men that if they don’t pay for the first date, they come across as “cheap.”

She said, “Men should never let a woman pay for a first date because if you’re asking a girl out and then going Dutch, it just shows you’re cheap, you weren’t raised right and you’re not chivalrous, or you’re dating out of your price range.”
The latter is quite possibly one of the, if not the most, stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

​Regardless, she continued:

“By that [dating out of their price range] I mean you’re taking a girl out on a date you can’t afford to do, so instead of trying to flex on a nice dinner, you’re better off taking her on a picnic in the park. And even the most progressive girls who insist they split it with you and say they don’t mind… do mind.”
On behalf of “progressive girls,” I would suggest you retract your statement and stop talking for all women. Some are definitely not as shallow or as unreasonable that they would let something like splitting the bill change their view on a nice guy.

“Not because they can’t afford it, but because it shows us your character and if you’re a girl and you’ve paid for first dates, I want to tell you that he ain’t it sis,” she also added.

The video has been viewed over 85,000 times and has received thousands of mixed comments underneath. While some agreed with Nelly (of course they were mainly other women), a lot of others didn’t.

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“I said what I said,” the caption read.

First dates are nerve-wracking enough, stop making them more of a chore please, and thank you.
Watch Nelly’s controversial video above.