Woman Banned From Store After Returning Candy Her 1-Year-Old Daughter Accidentally Took

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A mom recently experienced one of the worst things imaginable when her daughter stole from a store. She tried to do the right thing – and was only punished further…

All parents can agree that raising a child is hard.

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It requires a ton of responsibility and it most certainly is the challenge of a life time.

Of course, the sleepless nights, the exhaustion, and the hard work are totally worth it…

Because our children mean the entire world to us!

We can literally take our eyes off our kids for 3 seconds when out in public…

And all havoc can break loose.

Kids can sometimes have a talent for creating chaos.

As one mom took to Reddit to vent about this week.

We’ve all been there …

Walking a kid around the supermarket only to notice they’ve got a little grab happy.

Hey, you can’t blame them.

Kids don’t have a proper concept of money yet, so a five finger discount probably makes perfect sense.

The right thing to do is own up …

And usually to cough up the cash.

Or … is it?

As one mom discovered this week, it may not always be the case…

She shared her story.

“I took my 1yo daughter to the supermarket to buy some groceries like I normally do.”

“My daughter was in a stroller where she can sit and see everything around her.”

“At the checkout counter she grabbed one of the sweets on display and played with it, while I was busy bagging my stuff (they don’t do it for you in Germany and you have to be fast) and so I didn’t notice her having that sweet, until I was at the door leading outside.”

The mom was then hit with a moral dilemma.

“She was sucking at the plastic wrapper so there was no returning it.”

“Nobody seemed to have noticed, so I internally debated going back and then decided to do the right thing and go back to pay for it.”

Eventually, the mom decided to do the right thing…

“I went back to the register and told the cashier what had happened. She told me to wait and said something over the phone and then told me to be patient, someone will be here in a moment.”

This is where things got weird.

“She then proceeded to check out another person and then two security guards came.”​

“They checked every item in my bags and looked if it was on the receipt.”

The mom was understandably frightened.

“I asked them what was going on and that I just want to pay for the sweet, my daughter accidentally took.”

“But they had non of it, proceeded to check every last of my items and then told me as it was just minor item I stole, that they won’t call the police and just ban me from the store.”

“I was like wtf? I tried to get the cashier to back me up, but she was just like – they are the guards, not my problem…”

“I told them again, that I came back when I noticed my accident and they were like – yeah, good for us and bad for you and told me that I need to go now!”

This seems pretty crazy to us!

And it gets even worse…

“Now I am banned from shopping in the only supermarket in walking distance.”

Things got even worse…

“I don’t have a car (which is normal in Germany) and now I have to take the bus (expensive!!!) to buy groceries or only go shopping, when my husband is home and can take care of our daughter so I can use my bike.”

“And only because I wanted to be nice.”

​”The sweet was 59ct and will now cost me invaluable together time with my husband or around 60€ a month for public transportation tickets. I should have just left when nobody noticed my daughter’s little thievery.”

What do you think of this story? Would you have gone back?

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