Daughter Is Suing Her Mom’s Doctor for Millions for Allowing Her To Be Born

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While this may sound like the delusional lawsuit of a spoiled, stroppy teenager, the reality is far more serious – and tragic.

Evie Toombes, 20, from the UK, has the condition spina bifida.

But in spite of this, she’s managed to forge a successful career as a showjumper.

Her showjumping career has been adversely effected by her health issues.

And now Toombes has taken a rather drastic step.

She’s suing her doctor, claiming she should never have been allowed to be born.

This is because her mom’s doctor did not recommend her taking a folic acid supplement, which is key to preventing spina bifida from forming in the womb.

Her mom, Caroline, says the importance of taking this supplement was not adequately stressed by her doctor.

However, the doctor has denied these claims, saying he gave adequate advice to his patient at the time in 2001.

“This was a very precious decision to start a family, because she herself had lost her parents when she was young,” Caroline’s barrister told the court.

“They had been refraining from sexual intercourse until after they had received advice at this consultation.”

But Caroline says the topic of folic acid was not properly covered by her doctor.

“He told me it was not necessary. I was advised that if I had a good diet previously, I would not have to take folic acid.”

Caroline claims this advice encouraged her to move forward with her pregnancy plans, and not conduct any extra research on prenatal supplements.

“It is her evidence she would have read up on it and wouldn’t have attempted to become pregnant until she was satisfied that she had protected herself as much as possible,” her barrister concluded.

When Evie was born, she was dianosed with lipomylomeningocoele (LMM).

This is a permanent disability that has left her with limited mobility. As time goes on, Evie will have to rely on her wheelchair more and more.

Dr Phillips has denied liability in this case.

He claims he stressed that a healthy diet was important and may mitigate the need for folic acid supplements, but that he would never have said taking the supplement was not necessary.

Evie has said she lives her life with the motto, “Find a way, not an excuse.”

“I was born with a form of spina bifida…but having a passion in life gives me purpose and direction.”