Dave Bautista Adopts Abused Puppy and Offers $5K Reward to Find Abuser

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Former WWE wrestler-turned-actor recently adopted an abused puppy and has even offered a reward to help find the “piece of s***” that hurt the pet in the first place.

Dave Bautista is cracking down on animal abuse.

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As well as adopting an abused puppy formerly known as Sage, the fifty-two-year-old has also offered a 5 thousand dollar reward to anyone to can help identify the abuser and bring them to justice.

Taking to Instagram, Bautista posted a series of heartbreaking and graphic photos of little Sage, now known as Penny, alongside a firm caption calling for action.

“TTN Tampa Bay: I will personally hand $5000 cash to the person who gives information leading to the arrest and conviction of the sick piece of sh** responsible for this. In addition, @humanesocietytampabay is also offering $1500. If you know anything please contact @humanesocietytampabay or @safek9.”

The pictures show Penny when she was first found with horrible signs of abuse, a chain being stabbed and embedded into the 3-month old pup’s neck.

Thankfully though, Penny is on the mend!
In an update, Bautista confirmed the news that he would be adopting the puppy, saying this: “The bad news is we don’t really have any solid leads now, we’re gonna try and catch this person responsible – a 3-month-old puppy that was horribly abused and needed surgery.”

He continued:

“But the good news is, today, the puppy you know as Sage actually became Penny Bautista – so I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of my family,” he said holding her up and showing the camera. “And there she is, healing up, nice and recovered.”

“She is now a Bautista and she will never be abused again a day in her life – not a second in her life. She’s about to live her best puppy life ever,” he added.

The dog dad is still offering money for any leads in the case, and Alvarez Injury Law decided to match his generous $5,000 reward. Added to the $1,500 already pledged by Humane Society Tampa Bay, the overall total of the reward now stands at a whopping $11,500 for any information that helps to convict the abuser.
Speaking to Tampa Bay Times, the CEO of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Sherry Silk said that Penny is a true example of a “rags to riches story.”
We’re glad Penny is going to a loving home and we hope the abuser is brought to justice.