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David Spade Donates Thousands To Viral Burger King Employee Who Got a Goody Bag for 27 Years of Service

David Spade is one of a kind. In fact, he’s even donated thousands to a viral Burger King employee who got a disappointing goody bag for twenty-seven years of service.


Kevin Ford, a man who worked at Burger King for twenty-seven years, went viral this week after the company gave him a not-so-impressive goody bag for the service he gave them.

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Talking to TMZ, he said that although it is a “great company” to work for, they’ve “lost touch with their workers.”

This was made apparent when he showed the world the thanks he got for the many years he’s spent with them. Ford explained that the company used to give out checks, but instead he got a single movie ticket.

“It was just stuff that they had laying around that they put together,” he told the news outlet.


Ford also said that he’d “like to take a day off,” but he can’t “think about having a day off.”

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The hard-working Ford got a bag of Reece’s, a cup from Starbucks, a lanyard, 2 pens, 1 movie ticket, and a couple of keychains… Not what you’d expect, right?

Well, David Spade wasn’t having any of it, showing that he appreciates hard work when he sees it.


Ford’s daughter, who set up a GoFundMe page for her father so that he could come and visit them, excitedly told him that the comedic legend himself had donated.

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How much? You may be wondering. Well, it was a whopping $5,000!

That wasn’t all though…

The comedy icon and movie star also slid into Ford’s personal messages on Instagram, too.

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“Keep up the good work, 27 yrs,” he wrote.

Ford then wrote back: HOLY SH*T DUDE. Cannot believe this!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! For even watching the video! I love you, my brother! Much love and God bless… LLP. I think I might be able to take a day off.”

Spade then joked back: “Wait till year 30.”

“Damn are you one of my managers? Thank you again, sir, you’re the best. Have a great day,” Ford wrote.

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Ford has now raised over $44,000, thanks to his daughter setting up a page for him.

What a legend!