TikTok star, Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, has tragically died at the young age of eighteen.

Keep scrolling to watch her final video and to hear the horrifying circumstances surrounding her death...

The TikTok community is mourning the loss of yet another young TikToker.

It emerged this week that the viral star Dazhariaa, also known as Dee, has sadly passed away.

She was only eighteen-years-old.

Dazhariaa Quint Noyes was from Baton Rouge in Louisiana

And she initially rose to fame after launching her TikTok account, which accumulated 1.6 million followers.

The young girl dedicated her account to a range of content, including dance and music videos...

And she would achieve as many as 6 million views per video.

On top of her viral success, the teen also ran a beauty shop through her Instagram account...

As well as a YouTube page named bxbygirldee, where she would upload vlogs about her life.

On-screen, she seemingly had it all...

Young, beautiful, successful... This star had so much going for her at such a young age, and many people predicted big things for her future.

But, despite how happy someone may seem...

You never truly know what's going on behind closed doors.

Though Dee radiated happiness and ambition in her videos and Instagram posts...

Sadly, things weren't so easy for the teenager off the camera.

Dee must have been struggling...

Because it has been confirmed that the TikTok star was found dead in her home on Monday.

Her parents confirmed her death in a Facebook post...

Noyes' father, Raheem Alla, thanked everyone for their "love and support." Writing "unfortunately, she is no longer with us and has gone to a better place."

Many took to TikTok to pay tribute to Dee...


On Monday she posted a series of videos to her Instagram story, tagged as her "last post."


In one video she wrote: "Ok, I know I'm annoying y'all, this is my last post."

Her heartbroken father said he wished they'd been able to "work thru this."


"I only want to hold you again my little jellybean. Now I come home and your no longer gonna be there waiting for me. I have to let you fly with the angels," Alla added.

"She was my little best friend and I wasn't prepared in no way, to bury my child. She was so happy and would be so excited to see me when I come home from being on the road."

He has since set up a GoFundMe to raise money for her funeral.

Her mother, Jennifer Shaffer, also paid tribute...

"I'm so heartbroken I really can't believe you're going I wish I was waiting on you to say it was a prank but it's not'."

Noyes last posted on TikTok the day she passed away.

In the post she said she had been shadowbanned and linked another account she would be posting from in the future.

The final clips uploaded to the second account were also on the same day...


Reply to @janene_19 😭

Her parents have since confirmed she committed suicide by hanging.

Rest in peace.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, please reach out to the national suicide prevention line: ‭800 273 8255‬