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De-Clutter With These Genius Gadgets, Canada!

Raise your hand if you loathe cleaning day but live for the feeling of a clean-smelling, clutter-free home! Like the rest of you, I’m constantly trying to shorten the number of hours I have to spend scrubbing, tracking down missing socks, and meal prepping each weekend while somehow holding the rest of my life together.

Though it can feel overwhelming to keep up with this never-ending battle, I’ll tell you how I like to get ahead of the game: by shopping smarter! Every item you buy that helps prevent a mess is 1000% worth it!

From cord holders and no-spill refrigerator bins, to space-saving hangers and in-shower beverage holders, Amazon Canada is loaded with practical time-saving items. These are the products that will truly make a difference when it comes to cleaning, reorganizing, and maintaining a home environment you’re proud to show off!

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

The Pots and Pans Organizer We ALL Need

Real talk — most of us are guilty of stacking our saucepans, strainers, skillets, and pie tins together in a dangerously unstable pile until it all comes cascading out. Instead of giving your roommate a heart attack every time you open the kitchen cupboard, you could just buy this pan storage rack instead. You can customize each of the shelves to be as narrow or tall as you want, making it easy to fit any pot you own. Grab it while it’s on sale!


Prevent Detergent or Cleaner Spills with an Under-Sink Organizer

Replacing your vanity or kitchen sink is not a cheap or easy task. Rather than risk a chemical spill or a hidden leak putting you in thousands of dollars of debt, you can install a few of these under-sink organizers. They’ll keep all of your bottles upright and free up space for other items.


Grab Some Space-Saving Pant Hangers for Your Messy Closet

This is one of the most popular storage buys on Amazon! When it comes to storing pants, scarves, or blankets, there’s no easier solution than these five-tier hangers. Instead of needing a bunch of plastic pants hangers (which leave marks on your clothes, take up a ton of space, and break easily), you’ll only need one! Buyers especially loved the anti-slip design, which keeps even the slipperiest of pants from falling off.

Keep Cords at a Safe Distance with These Cable Clips

Tired of tripping on your Ethernet cable or ripping your phone charger out of the wall socket? This 10-pack of cord clips is here to help! Each is designed to clamp down on cables no bigger than 6mm in diameter, so you can keep them out of harm’s way. Each clip comes with an adhesive backing, making it easy to stick one wherever you need it.

Trips to the Laundry Room Will Be Easy with the Laundry Turtle

Plastic laundry bins are nice, but let’s face it: they break WAY too quickly and they’re super bulky. Before you invest in another one, consider buying the Laundry Turtle instead. This fabric laundry hamper comes with built-in handles, which you can use to easily transport your clothes to and from the laundromat like a shopping bag. We’ll take two!

Never Lose a Lid Again with This Container Lid Organizer

Your roommate, spouse, or parent will love you forever if you buy this item. Finally, there’s a product designed specifically to help us keep track of the elusive Tupperware lids! The dividers are adjustable, so you can fit in as many lids as you need to. We recommend tucking the lid organizer away in the pantry or in a drawer to keep your counters looking clean.

A Classy Shower Caddy for Your Bathroom

When you’re sharing one bathroom with six other people, shampoo and conditioner bottles pile up quickly. If you’re sick of tripping over everyone’s toiletries, it’s time to be the change your household needs. This five-pack of adhesive shower racks should be large enough to fit everyone’s assorted bottles, and it even comes with a few hooks for the loofahs! You can always split the cost later too, if you want to make it even more affordable.

Your Doctor Will Thank You for Buying This Pill Organizer

It can be really hard to remember your daily meds, especially if you have to take a bunch of different pills at different times of day. Thankfully, newer pill trackers make the job a little easier. This very colourful pill organizer comes with the usual seven boxes, but with one important difference. Each one contains a morning, afternoon, and evening slot, making it easier to see what you’ve already gotten to (or what you may have missed) during the day.

This Desk Shelf Has All of the Storage Space You Need

This desk organizer keeps things simple in more ways than one, which is exactly what we love about it. Whether you’re buying it as a gift or a necessity for your work-from-home setup, you can easily enjoy it however you want. It’s available in basic white or black, which should blend with most interior design choices. You can even paint it if you’re feeling extra creative!

These Fridge Bins are Life Savers!

These bins are probably the best mess preventers on the entire list. They’ll keep bottles upright, soda from spilling, and produce from accidentally gunking up the shelves. This eight-pack should be more than enough to organize your entire refrigerator, but you can always order a second pack!

One Adjustable Measuring Cup to Rule Them All

We weren’t totally sure what this was at first glance, but once we realized it was a measuring cup, we needed to see it in action. It works a bit like a syringe; simply pull the plunger down to free up the right amount of space, and fill it up. Time to ditch all of the loose measuring cups floating around in your kitchen junk drawer!

Stow Your Gadgets Neatly with a Wall-Mounted Remote Caddy

If your remotes wander off all the time, grab one of these remote caddies! Thanks to the adhesive backing, you can mount this holder anywhere you need it (and it won’t crowd your coffee table). Though this floating shelf is designed to fit television remotes, you can use it for pretty much anything you need to. We like it especially for its sleek, modern design.

A Heavy-Duty Storage Rack for Your Heaviest Treasures

Looking for some new storage options for your garage? These rolling steel shelves are the ones to grab. The max weight limit (without wheels) is 952 kilograms, which should be more than strong enough to safely stow your extra paint, holiday decor bins, camping gear, and assorted craftsmanship tools.

Lifewit’s 90L See-Through Storage Bags Make Storage Easy

If the rolling metal rack is too pricey or overkill for what you need, you’ll like these 40 CAD under-bed storage bins much better. Each one is made with fabric and a see-through plastic front, which lets you preview what’s inside. Use them for your winter knits, bed sheets, guest room linens, or scarves!

Grab These Clear Plastic Makeup Drawers for Your Bathroom

We love the look of these stackable makeup bins. What a great way to keep spills contained and find exactly what you need quickly. A majority of buyers voted this product five-star! Just read Uniqueoutlook’s review: “I have managed to amass a collection of lipsticks and glosses (as one does) and really wanted a better way to organize them. I am very pleased with the results of this little unit, as it stores what I need it to and keeps it dust free.”

Enjoy Your Shower Beer with This Portable Drink Holder

At the end of a long day, sometimes all you need is a cold Molson and a rinse-off. Better yet, make it a warm soak, especially during the winter months. Though this unusual product seems way too good to be true, it will, in fact, keep your beverage right where it’s supposed to be using only a suction cup. It even works with wine glasses!

An 18-Piece Glass Food Container Set for Easy Meal Prep

Pair this food container set with that Tupperware lid from the top of the list and you’ve got the meal prep dream setup! You won’t have to worry about whether the bases are heat-safe, dishwasher-safe, or made with BPA because they’re all made with glass. Over 14,000 buyers left glowing reviews for these containers, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

An Under-Desk Tray Will Come in Handy at Work

Got a work desk with no storage space or drawers? No problem! This hanging under-desk shelf can be added to any desk space without screws, thanks to the built-in clamps. Use it to hold your keys, a socket strip, or small notepads. (It’s also a great place to hide your phone when your manager comes through.)

Your Kids Will Adore These Cute Rainbow Toy Bins!

We think these basket storage bins would be perfect for blankets, beach towels, and recyclables too, but they’re really made with kids in mind. Bright colours, no sharp corners, no hard surfaces — what more can you ask for? Bonus: This 3-pack of woven storage bins comes in pastels too!

A Makeup Organizer Big Enough for All of Your Serums

If you’re struggling to keep a clean makeup bag or drawer, consider buying this organizer. It comes with two small drawers, two shallow troughs, and several different sizes of vertical cubbies, perfect for displaying the essentials more neatly. Buy it in white, green, or pink!

Only the Classiest Laundry Bins for You

This laundry hamper is a little more expensive than the Laundry Turtle, but we think it’s well worth it for those who want to elevate their interior decor. Look at how modern and discreet it is! Buyer Christina Samples wrote: “I absolutely love this! I wanted something that would look nice in my bathroom vs my old one that was falling apart. The new one looks so much better and has that nifty shelf for holding things like my lil alligator statue lol. Easy to assemble and comes with fasteners to fasten against the wall (which I would recommend if decorating the shelf with candles or anything breakable) … All in all for me this was a 10/10 purchase.”

Turn Any Shelf into a Shoe Rack with These Shoe Stands

On the box, this product looks a bit like a dental floss pick or nail clipper, but it’s actually a little shoe stand. 20 small shoe racks, in fact! The idea is that you can use your current shelves or storage space to fit twice as many shoes by stacking them. Each clip holds a whole pair, one shoe on top of the other, without crushing anything. Pretty cool, right?

Tidy Up Your Dresser Drawers with These Fabric Dividers

Ladies, we all know how frustrating the bra drawer can be. Either the pads are getting folded under, pinched, or crushed from sliding around too much, which kind of ruins how pretty they look once you put them on. Do yourself a favour and grab this closet underwear organizer; it will keep everything in its place so you can easily find and enjoy exactly what you’re looking for.

Use These Sturdy All-Purpose Storage Bins in Any Room

No, it’s not actually a microwave! It’s a stackable storage bin with locking doors, perfect for storing toys, collectibles, books, games, blankets, and more. Buyers love the added wheels, solid build, and how easy each one is to assemble/stack. It’s definitely a step above fabric bins and will last you much longer.

Display Your Hats with These Adhesive Cap Holders

No more crumpled hats or tangled wigs! These arch-shaped floating shelves are a great find for cap collectors and cosplayers, who need to keep their costume pieces looking fresh. Each floating shelf can be easily mounted anywhere, thanks to the adhesive backing. Bonus: The low-profile design also hides the mount once you hang something, creating a cleaner look.

Convert Your Old Hangers into Space Saving Hangers with These Hooks

POV: You don’t want to waste your old hangers by throwing them in the trash, but you desperately need more closet space ASAP. If that sounds like you, stop scrolling. These cascading hanger hooks can transform regular hangers into space-saving hangers for less than 13 CAD! Each one includes three extra hooks, and you can buy up to 20 hooks at a time — that’s a LOT of hangers and a ton of space saved.

Prevent Nail Polish Spills with This Bottle Organizer

Nail polish stains and the WORST and they never come out. Don’t risk it, sis, just get this shelf. Thanks to YOPAY’s six-tier nail polish organizer, you can fit your entire 60-bottle collection in a cute display and you never have to worry about ruining the countertop again. Sounds like a win to us!

This Can Dispenser was Made for Beer and Soda Lovers

Have you ever been late to work or class because a beer decided to throw itself out of the fridge door? It’s kind of like getting a flat tire — it’s not like you can just leave it there and hope for the best. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, make sure you grab this can dispenser. Massive earthquakes notwithstanding, it should keep your cans contained in a neat, compact way.

This Rolling Storage Rack is SO Convenient!

Meet the modern equivalent of the hanging fruit basket! The rotating storage rack is spacious, sturdy, and easy to roll around anywhere you need it, making it ideal for use around the house. Each of the baskets is detachable too, which makes cleaning day even easier.

Contain Your Campbell’s Soups with This Can Rack

The good news is: your canned beans and soups are less likely to burst if they fly out at you. The bad news is: canned foods come in so many different sizes, it’s risky to stack them all together. This storage rack solves that problem for you! It fits everything from your tiniest tuna fish can to your extra large tomato can. It even comes with adjustable dividers, so you can customize it as needed.

A Mini Jewelry Case for Travel

This portable jewelry organizer is one of the most popular travel cases on Amazon. With its cute colour shades, convenient size, and budget-friendly price tag, it’s no surprise customers gave it mainly five-star ratings. For only a few dollars more, you can even get one with a little mirror inside!

A Neater Toilet Brush and Dryer for Your Bathroom

An easier-to-clean, low-profile toilet brush? You have our attention. Girl Mom’s review convinced us to try it: “I wanted to replace my old ‘bristle’ style toilet bowl brushes with something better. The old ones gross me out how they turn colour and smell over time, and it’s nasty to clean out the holders for them. So far I’m impressed with these silicone ones. I like how compact they are to fit easily near the toilet, and they look sleek enough to not be an eyesore.”

Your junk drawer is crying out for help, and you’re the only one who can fix it. These best-selling acrylic drawer organizers will help you contain all the little stuff like paper clips, erasers, clothespins, and highlighters. You can keep all of your littlest treasures and you won’t have to suffer any more accidental cuts while exploring the crumby depths of your desk drawer. You’re welcome!