De-Clutter Your Life With These Amazing Storage Hacks

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Some people really struggle with keeping their homes clean and tidy. I’m one of them! It seems like no matter how often I clean my house, I still end up with cluttered cupboards, drawers, and…OK, everything else, too.

I think a big part of the challenge of keeping the home tidy has to do with the way we store things. Too often, we find ourselves exhausting whatever storage is in our home and looking for the next clever tool that will solve all of our problems. Unfortunately, such a tool does not exist. But that doesn’t mean we can’t store things in a more efficient manner!

Rather than dumping everything into one giant drawer or cupboard, there’s usually at least one clever trick that will make your life tidier. Here are some of the best storage “hacks” I found on the Internet. Best of all, none of them require spending hundreds of dollars at The Container Store!

With this slatted piece of plywood plugged right into your garage wall, you can hang Ziploc baggies of nuts, bolts, or iron nuggets easily above your work desk.

Never again will you have to go rooting around in a tool box!

The problem with kitchen storage is that you only need some utensils when you’re cooking, and every other time, they get in the way.
But if you can easily push your cooking stuff off to a side, or even into a closet? You will soon be known as The Kitchen God.

There’s no need to buy expensive, specialized bowls for your longer kitchen utensils. Just put them in whatever pitcher you have sitting around.
Besides, it’s time to admit you weren’t going to use them to make lemonade or anything.

If you find yourself running out of wall space for shelves, think about turning some unused space in your unfinished basement into a secret extra shelf.
After all, those rafters and your stuff don’t have to social distance.

This clever solution makes use of an old pair of handlebars to easily hang a bike from the wall. Just think about it — one bike is sacrificing its handlebars so another bike can fit neatly in a studio apartment.
It’s one of the most beautiful thugs a bike can do for another.


Without question, the worst thing about being in a kitchen is the overflowing cabinet with loose Tupperware lids. Tell me you wouldn’t trade one slinky to solve that problem.
Tell me you wouldn’t trade a thousand slinkies to solve that problem.

Slice open that old box of Frosted Mini Wheats, and cut the front and back sides in half.
Then, fold your one-time cereal box into a ramp.
Put a couple of those ramps in a drawer…

via: Twitter
You’ll need about three of these ramps to take advantage of all the space in the drawer.
Trust us, though, it’ll be worth it.
… and baby, you’ve got yourself a spice rack!

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Now you can fill that drawer with tons and tons of spices, all angled up at a pleasing angle for you to look at.
Isn’t that so much better than letting them all roll around in a drawer?


We’ve got a hack for that. First, pull the pin out of the front of the shelf and move it down a notch or two.Then stick a tension rod in front of it.

via: Twitter
Now all your cans can pleasingly roll to the front of your newly-angled shelf.
You’re welcome.


Okay, this hack isn’t really about destroying trapper keepers, but if you spent as much time fumbling with their inadequate three-rings in high school as I did, this might feel cathartic.
Anyhow, rip out that ring plate and adhere it to your pantry door.

via: Twitter
Maybe you want to screw it in, or maybe you want to use those adhesive strips. Whatever you do, make sure it’s fastened to that closet door nice and tight
Then hang your commonly used items from the rings!

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How easy is it to grab your measuring cups and whisk when they’re hanging at eye level whenever you reach in to grab your wheat flour and sugar?
Now, just hope those G-D rings cooperate…


It involves a tension rod and a bunch of clips to slide onto it.
We’re talking, I don’t know, eight or nine clips? Make sure you’re stocked up on clips.Put that tension rod in the pantry.

via: Twitter
Once you’ve got enough clips properly attached, pop your tension rod inside any cabinet space you want to de-clutter.
(It’ll probably be the shelf where you keep all the snacks.)
Now you can hang those chips in the air.

via: Twitter
Any lighter snack (that won’t pull down the tension rod) can now be clipped and dangled in the air.
That leaves all that cabinet floor space for, well, more snacks.


Listen, your fridge isn’t enormous — sometimes you’ve got to stack bowls on top of bowls.
Unfortunately, that tinfoil isn’t always super sturdy.
Well, we’ll tell you how to fix it.

via: Twitter
First step? Re-tinfoil that bowl. (This doesn’t have a ton to do with the hack, but you don’t want the food in the bottom bowl going bad.)
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Next, add chopsticks.

via: Twitter
That’s right, chopsticks. Grab any you have sitting around from last week’s takeout order and place them across the tinfoiled bowl.
Now you have some sturdy protection for the food in your bottom bowl.

via: Twitter
Rest that first bowl on the second to your heart’s content — that bad boy isn’t ripping through chopsticks like it did tinfoil.
And now you have a ton of fridge space for more Chinese food takeout.


I know that whenever I’m unloading groceries, I just take the plastic bags and shove them in with the other plastic bags, wasting a ton of cabinet space on plastic bags I may never again use.
Well, now I know how to fix that.
Use a tissue box for plastic bag storage.

via: Twitter
If you empty out a tissue box (not hard to do these days, what with all the crying), start popping your plastic bags inside.
You can even make a loop when you put the bags inside and thread the next bag inside so that pulling up one automatically pulls up the next bag.


Man, just think about how much space that bag of pea soup is going to take up in your freezer.
But it’s not like you’re going to not freeze your pea soup, right? What are you supposed to do when you inevitably get a sudden craving for pea soup?It’s time to get out your rolling pin.

via: Twitter
Step one of this freezer space-saving hack is rolling your plastic bag nice and flat.
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Then, grab yourself a magazine holder.

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You can find these for about .79 cents at home and office stores, and there is maybe nothing more useful when you try to maximize your storage space.
Buy magazine holders, and buy them often.
And slide those flat bags of pea soup right inside.

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I mean, if you want to take advantage of this hack, you can flatten whatever you want in freezer-safe bags.
But like, we’re all doing this for our pea soup, right? My roommate will not get off my case about how much pea soup I have clogging up the freezer!


Where else in your fridge are you supposed to put your fresh produce? I mean, there is literally a drawer labeled “fresh produce.”
But it always gets messy. We’re going to fix that.
Step one: get an empty milk jug.

via: Twitter
If you want it to fit in your produce drawer — and believe me, you do — make sure you get that one gallon size milk size
Next, slice off the top and one side.

via: Twitter
Just one of the four sides of the milk carton has to go. You’ll also want to take a small notch out of one of the three walls you’ve created.
Now put your produce inside!

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Look at that, you’ve got perfect dividers for all your different fruits and vegetables. Never will you grab a broccoli thinking it’s an apple ever again!.


We all need a junk drawer — a place to toss whatever weird things come across your path that you might need one day but absolutely don’t need right now.
But why waste an entire drawer on it?
But we’re not going to clean it up, oh no.

via: Twitter
The point of a junk drawer is that it’s always a mess. We’re just going to cover up that mess a bit.
The first step is to get a drawer organizer and a piece of plywood as wide as the drawer.Glue that bad boy down.

via: Twitter
You can’t just drop the plywood on top of the junk — what if you actually need an old HDMI cord or Star Wars band-aide?
With the drawer organizer glued to the wood, you have an easy handle to pull it back up so as to access your junk.
Now put that plywood right on top of everything.

via: Twitter
Anyone would open your junk drawer and think its just a normal knife and fork drawer.
They’ll never know all the playing cards and post-it notes you have hidden under there.


How are you supposed to make split pea soup — the best out of the soups — if your peas are all disgustingly frozen together?
Well, as you may have guessed, we have a hack for that.
You first have to open that bag.

via: Twitter
We might advise using scissors ere, if only because cutting a long, even strip off the top is important to the hack (and that is much easier to do with scissors than your fingernails/teeth).
Now tie that little strip around the top!

via: Twitter
Voila — you’ve turned that cut-off strip into the bag’s own twist tie.
Next time you make split pea soup, your peas will be good and individually frozen.


First off, you’re going to take an empty juice carton. And make sure it’s empty.
I forgot to check once and I got Minute Maid orange all over my finest white tuxedo, which I was wearing for whatever reason.Now, cut a circle out of the top.

via: Twitter
Make sure that little spout is included in your circle.
It doesn’t much matter where specifically, just that it’s there. You’ll be using that spout as a handle.
Next, cut out the sides of the juice carton.

via: Twitter
You’re going to want to put a slit halfway down the middle of the short side.And then, do it again.

via: Twitter
Two sides used for flat panels with the slits, one side that get cut up when removing the spout, and finally, one side for if you screw anything up.
Combine the two cut-out sides.

via: Twitter
Simply slid the two pieces of cardboard together like so.Now you’ve got a divided jar just to store different kinds of snacks and garnishes.

via: Twitter
And the circle with the spout you made doubles as a lid for the storage container.
The reason you save that little spot in your cut-out circle is so you’d have a handle to grab when it’s time to open it up.


As you’re about to find out, there is nothing more useful for finding new ways to store your stuff than PVC pipes.
Well, maybe tension rods. But that’s it.


If your vanity is chock full of jewelry boxes, why not pop a small corkboard up on the wall and stick all your pointy little pieces of glamour up there?


First of all, maybe try to use pretty shoe boxes instead of your old Nike boxes. And second, make sure to put pushpins in the corners too!
The person taking their photo didn’t do this, so those shelves are definitely going to spin.


This hack might be specific to those who paint steel miniatures, but clamping a long sheet of metal into a plastic storage container will keep you from having to buy individual cases for each miniature.


Hanging a sheet of magnetic material on the back of a pantry door can give you an incredible place to store your metal tins of spice and the like.
Also, it will make you feel like a wizard.


If your garage is full of lug-nuts and you can never find the right one, consider bolting magnetic strips to a piece of plywood and labeling their size in Sharpie.

How satisfying would it be to use the wall that usually has a closet door as a full-on shelved-up wall?
For too long, we’ve been stuck with whatever leftover wall space the closet door left us with. no more!

If you have loose packages of trail mix all over your cabinets, a quick steel tub nailed to the door will give you a fun place to drop them all.

How much wall space are you using on chalk/whiteboards? For me, it is too much.
There’s even chalk-paint you can buy that makes whatever surface you paint into a chalkboard. How handy is that?

I would say that, right now, approximately 80 percent of my counter space is devoted to stuff: a microwave, a Keurig machine, and, worst of all, a dish drainer.
With this shelf, I could get some of that precious counter space back. Oh, the sandwiches I would make!

Look, we all have a shower rod on one side of our shower. Why not the other?
You can use it to hang baskets and hooks to keep all your showering stuff in one place.

Cutting your PVP pipe at a slant gives you a) a place to pound a nail into a wall and hang it however you want, and b) a spot to reach inside and grab whatever you got stored inside.
Man, PVC pipe absolutely rules.

Since your jeans have belt loops, you can simply hook one of those and hang them from the bar in your closet.
Although, now that I think about it… does this save any space? Is it better than a clothes hanger? Honestly, I’m not sure. Anyhow, it looks cool and kind of minimal, right?


Cut your old 12-pack box down the middle, fold it open, and BAM — you’ve got a spot to store all your old VHS tapes!
Although, who has VHS tapes anymore? Maybe this is more a hack for your cinephile grandparents.


Each hole in this arrow ice tray is the exact size of a Mac lipstick.
If you’ve got a counter covered in loose lipsticks, this could be a space-saving game-changer.


While they don’t offer a ton of space, how cool would it be to hang your favorite hats and mittens — the ones you wear every snowy morning — from the back of your door?
Then you can store the rest of your less-desired gloves and hats in the back of the closet like it was April 1st and they were ready to be retired for another season.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually use these magazine racks to store magazines, but they also happen to be the perfect size to hold rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil.
Hang them on the back of a cupboard door to maximize cupboard space!.

Tension rods like these are available for pretty cheap online. The best part of this storage technique is that you don’t have to take the box out of the cupboard at all to use the food wrap!

Here’s yet another clever way to take advantage of the back of the cupboard door!
Rather than stacking your food storage tubs in a messy tower, pop all the lids into a paper organizer!

Who knew there’d be a good use for those CD storage racks you always see at thrift stores?
Now that I see this trick in action, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

All you need is two bungee cords and a couple of minutes, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant paper towel storage solution!
I bet you could even use this technique on the ceiling of your pantry to free up more wall space.

Once again, the magazine holder proves itself as a super useful organization tool!
If you have an unwieldy stack of water bottles and/or travel mugs, this might be the perfect solution for you.

I firmly believe that everyone should have a bunch of binder clips in their home. They’re so dang useful!
This is a great way to store the various packets in your cupboard so they don’t end up lost at the back of the shelves.

Not only does this keep your various condiments from being crammed into your fridge shelves; it also takes advantage of gravity so your condiments are always ready to be applied to your food! Not to mention the fact that the carton is basically free!

Spray bottles tend to take up quite a bit of cupboard real estate. This idea of hanging them in the top part of your cupboard makes so much sense! And it keeps everything within easy reach, too.

Sweater organizers are actually the perfect size for storing a bunch of board games. It’s super nice to be able to see every game at a glance, too!

Don’t worry; we didn’t forget about card games!
It doesn’t take long for the cardboard boxes most card games come in to completely disintegrate. These plastic tubs keep the cards safe from bending (and water!), and are also stackable.

If you have multiple kids (or other people in your household), this hack is perfect for you.
Get every person their own plastic cup (easily found at the dollar store), toothbrush, and toothpaste. Then attach them all to the wall (those 3M picture hanging strips work great). Keep the toothbrush clutter off the bathroom counter!

Use zip ties and a metal grid like the one shown here to bring some order to your many cords and cables.
Makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

I think a lot of successful organization is just taking advantage of spaces you might otherwise pass by every day. A shoe organizer hung between your washer and dryer is a great place to store dryer sheets, prewash spray, rags, and other laundry-related items.

Finally, a good replacement for the bag full of bags you currently have hanging out in your pantry.
Cut a hole in the bottom of a large water bottle and stuff the bags in there. Then you can easily remove them through the “mouth” of the bottle!

Bras take up so much space! This method can be used both for drying them after you wash them, and for storage in your closet.

Rather than hanging every tank top on its own hanger (and taking up a bunch of space in the process), attach shower hooks to a hanger, then hook the tank tops on those instead. Brilliant!

Toilet paper tubes are perfect for keeping cords and cables neatly wrapped but still perfectly accessible. And, once again, they’re basically free!

Rather than trying to reach back to the very depths of your refrigerator, use a lazy Susan on the shelves! A little spin is all you need to reach everything!

I think a lot of people buy plastic drawers like the ones pictured above, but fail to realize they can be used in the fridge! They’re ideal for storing snacks like string cheese, applesauce pouches, and fruit cups.

This might be my favorite trick on the list.
Although I have grave doubts over my ability to fold a fitted sheet small enough to fit inside a pillowcase. Something to practice!

Don’t let rubber bands and binder clips clutter up your junk drawer! Attach a plastic baggie to your bulletin board using thumbtacks and put them in there!
If you want to get really fancy, you could probably find some cute cardstock boxes at the dollar store, too.

Bobby pins always manage to end up pretty much everywhere…except the place where you need them to be. A magnetic strip on the inside of a drawer is the perfect solution. You could also store your nail clippers on it!

I’m gonna go ahead and guess you probably aren’t storing anything on the wall above your closet door — but you should be! It’s the perfect spot to hang your suitcases, keeping them out of sight but still totally get-to-able.

Need more storage space? Make some!
This solution keeps things off the floor (where it tends to get messy).

Actually, these PVC rings would work for storing all kinds of stuff!
See what creative ideas come to mind for your own life.

Here’s a super cheap way to keep all your power tools sorted and off your workbench.

Savefrom BernCraft Room & Organization
A garment bag is actually pretty perfect for storing wrapping paper. The best part is that you can hang it up in your closet so the tubes don’t get crushed.

Egg cartons are already perfect for housing delicate objects — why not use them to keep your precious ornaments safe in the off-season?

With a little bit of fancy paper, all the various boxes in your home can be repurposed into new places to store your stuff.
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…And everything in its place. That’s about to become your new mantra.
Now, let’s get to it!

I love this idea.
You could also use them to store mail, magazines, or snacks!

You should probably have another wine rack just for wine, though.

This is a brilliant example of taking an empty space and transforming it into useful storage.
Those wire organizers are super cheap!

Use a planter to hold your blow-dryer or hair straightener. Your bathroom counters will look much tidier!

I’m obsessed with these super narrow rolling shelves for the space between your fridge and the wall. Just look at how much they hold!

Get rid of that giant bag full of other bags that you keep cramming into your pantry.
There’s a better way!

They’re also the perfect size for storing storage container lids.
Since they sit vertically, it’s easy to reach whichever one you need.

Not only can you use it to hold magazines (duh), but you can also mount inside a cupboard and use it to store tin foil and plastic wrap.

There’s a ton of storage space directly beneath your cabinets. Nail jar lids to the underside of your cabinets to store spices, hardware, and more!
When you don’t need them, just twist them to their lids.

Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls!
You can use them to store cords and cables.

If your laundry room floor is constantly overtaken by laundry baskets, it might be helpful to build a storage solution like this one. The baskets stack vertically, to take up less room and can be easy to store clean or dirty laundry.

Visible power strips end up ruining a lot of decor styles. Rather than just leaving them out in the open, this idea of storing them in a decorative box is absolutely genius.

Holiday ornaments are lovely, but they don’t stack neatly. Use plastic cups to keep them safe and well-organized whenever they’re not up on the tree.

Here’s another great way to keep track of cords and cables. Store them in a glasses case (readily available from the dollar store). Slap a label on there if you’re feeling especially fancy.

Create a garage for your child’s toy cars using a small box and toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Doesn’t this look so cute?!

They’re the perfect doodad for keeping your condiment containers organized in the fridge. Bonus: Storing them upside-down means less crazed shaking when it comes time to dress your hot dog.

With some careful scissor maneuvering, they make great storage solutions for kids’ books!

These neat contraptions can organize just about anything. Here is a great example of a shoe organizer being used to provide a place for various cleaning supplies.

It’s the perfect spot to hold spices, measuring cups, spoons and more!
I’m actually planning on doing this in my own kitchen.

Then you could probably use a tension rod! Install one under your kitchen sink and use it to hang spray bottles.

First of all, you can use them to create a place to store pot lids, like so.

Keep your rolls of tin foil or plastic wrap in a handy location!

Bags of chips always take up so much room, don’t they?
With this hack, they stay off the shelves.

Sep 8, 2011 – Cool idea for a custom shelf between the washer and dryer.

Clip some shower curtain rings onto a regular hanger, then use those rings to hang up your scarves!
This trick will also work with ties.

If I ever saw this in real life, I think I’d probably freak out a little bit.
I guess now’s the time to give it a try. Maybe I’ll freak someone else out with how organized my own linen closet is.

This folding method makes it way easier to stack a bunch of socks up. It also doesn’t stretch out your socks at all.

Those handy pot lid organizers can be used for more than just pot lids!
Here’s how you can use it for your clutch collection!

A curtain rod is a great place to hang your jewelry whenever you’re not wearing it. It’s also fun because you get to decorate using your jewelry and see it all the time!
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