Dear Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Is Not a Jewelry and Matchmaking Club

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This Tuesday, the White House had an event titled “A Conversation with the Women of America,” and boy was it a doozy. Kelly Sadler, the White House’s Director of Surrogates and Coalition Outreach (whatever that means), welcomed panelists and guests with these words:

“To be a feminist means you can pursue whatever life you want to… you should have the opportunity to pursue your dreams, and that’s what we here at the Trump administration want to encourage you to do.”

Sadler then went on to explain that the panel would focus on issues women are concerned about, including economic policy, healthcare and opioids, and national security.  

First of all, kudos to her and the other panelists and panel moderators – which included Ivanka Trump, Communications Director Hope Hicks, and Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway – for truly highlighting the issues women care deeply about.

Yes, birth control is important, but so is getting a paycheck and having adequate healthcare for yourself and your family. There’s only one teeny-tiny problem with this scenario… Well, actually a couple of teeny-tiny problems, actually.

First of all, feminist? Really? Can anyone really describe the current administration as a feminist one? Before anyone answers, a few reminders, courtesy of ThinkProgress
Since taking office, the Trump administration has taken steps to stop monitoring the wage gap, worked to dismantle legislation that prevents sex and gender discrimination in education, and made it easier for employers to stop covering contraceptive coverage, among other measures that have made life more difficult for women.

In any event, White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders moderated the panel, and she was having a very enjoyable time. “It’s really fun to get to be in charge of the panel because I’m used to having questions shouted at me,” she said. “So I’m kind of getting into this so we may go a little long [because] this is fun.” Soon enough, however, the fun got a tad bit too fun… for a “feminist” event, that is.

One of the panel members introduced herself as a small business member. “I’m Sharon LeVell and I’m a jewelry store owner of over 20 years in the Atlanta area,” she said. “So I’m ecstatic about the tax reform bill.”

So, as it turned out, was Huckabee Sanders, because she swiftly added, “Give your husbands, your boyfriends [LeVell’s] contact information. She’d be happy to help them later.”

Ivanka Trump was also only too happy to help. “I’m going to have to send some people your way. My secret skill [is] matchmaking,” she joked.

LeVell then told audience members that her store was called Dunwoody Diamonds USA, after which Huckabee Sanders joked that the women present should have their significant others shower them with jewels.

To be fair, it was a great suggestion. With all the efforts the Trump administration is putting in to ensure women aren’t paid fairly, they’ll no doubt need the help for buying diamonds… as well as basic necessities. Time to get back to the good old days of women relying solely on men for a paycheck, amirite?