After he had his last meal request refused, a man on death row fears he will "fry like bacon" in the electric chair.

Death row prisoner Brad Sigmon is terrified of dying in the electric chair, anti-death penalty campaigner Alli Sullivan has said...


And he fears he will "fry like bacon."

Sigmon was sentenced to death for murdering the parents of his ex-girlfriend, David, sixty-two, and Gladys Larke, fifty-nine.


The couple were beaten to death at their home in April 2001 after their daughter, Rebecca, ended her relationship with Sigmon.

After killing her parents, Sigmon waited for Rebecca to return home and then kidnapped her in her car.


He shot Rebecca but she survived and was able to get away.

A manhunt for Sigmon then began and he was arrested days later.

Sigmon, who was scheduled to die in the electric chair this week in what would have been South Carolina's first execution since 2011, asked to have a shot of whisky and 2 cigarettes as his last meal.


However, his meal request was turned down by the U.S state's Department of Corrections.

Alli Sullivan, who had been speaking with Sigmon daily in the weeks leading to his preparation for death, revealed to the Mirror that Sigmon was scared of dying in the electric chair.

"He was super fearful of the fact it would be an electrocution," Alli, who works as an intern with Death Penalty Action, said, "He made a comment like, 'I can't get the horror of my mind that the state is getting ready to fry me like a piece of bacon'."

South Carolina's Supreme Court paused the execution of Sigmon this week following a change in the state's capital punishment law.

The court ruled that Sigmon had been stripped of his statutory right of choosing the method in which he is executed as the drugs needed for lethal injection could not be obtained and a firing squad has not yet been formed.

It is believed the execution of Sigmon cannot be rescheduled until a firing squad has been assembled and is an option.