The death penalty has long been a topic of heated debate - but normally there is one certainty, that if you get sentenced to death, you die...

However one prisoner recently survived execution after eighteen attempts to kill him failed...

The death penalty has long been a controversial issue.


But one guy in the news today actually survived it!

The death penalty has been a part of the US justice system for centuries...


And the penalty, which is often referred to as capital punishment, has been in action since approximately 1608... yep, it's really that old.

But it's not currently legal in every state.


And as the years have gone on, it's become more and more of a controversial and taboo subject.

Many U.S states have now abolished the death penalty for a number of reasons...


Including the risk factors of executing an innocent person, the fact it doesn't prevent future crimes, and the fact that it is both discriminatory and can be used politically, as per Amnesty.

Organizations such as Amnesty have been fighting for decades to have the death penalty abolished entirely...

And they have been trying to expose and hold to account governments that continue to use the punishment.

Many find the death penalty totally barbaric.


When questioned philosophically, it's difficult to justify the state killing its citizens.

Campaigners argued that many of those executed over the last few years were killed despite suffering from serious mental and physical illnesses...


Which should have rendered the death penalty an unconstitutional punishment.

And some states have made huge progress in this field.


Recently, history was made by Virginia being the first-ever southern state to abolish the death penalty.

People were overjoyed by the news, to say the least...


And many are even calling for the abolishment to be nationwide.

Virginia is now the twenty-third state to abolish the death penalty.


And many are hoping for other Southern states to follow suit.

Many who still support the death penalty forget one thing.


That the criminals being executed are human beings.

And no one is beyond redemption.


People can change from the criminals they once were and become better.

As one man is proving.

Meet Quintin Jones.

A few weeks back, in an emotional video published by the New York Times, he made a remarkable appeal.

Speaking to the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, he opens up about life on death row.

He stares at the camera from behind bulletproof glass and addresses Abbott directly.


And it makes for heartbreaking viewing.

​"I know you don't know me," Quintin Jones begins.


"I'm writing this letter to ask you if you could find it in your heart to grant me clemency, so I don't get executed on 19 May."

Jones is living on a tight deadline.


"I got two weeks to live, starting today."

Normally if you receive the death penalty, you die.

However one man, by the name of Romell Broom survived after eighteen attempts to kill him failed.

He spent 24 years in an Ohio prison waiting to be killed for kidnapping, raping and murdering 14-year-old Tryna Middleton as she walked home in 1984.

When he was being prepared for the lethal injection, Broom was strapped to a table and officials attempted to find a suitable vein to jab him with the fatal mixture of pancuronium bromide, potassium chloride and midazolam.

But the vein collapsed every time they tried to help.

Broom even tried to help those executing him by moving his arm into more suitable positions.

Then they tried to inject into his legs...

But that failed too.

Eventually officers decided to just call it quits.

However... Broom did die eventually.

Yes, despite surviving execution, Broom could not escape from COVID and finally succumbed to death.