19 Deep Thoughts We've All Had While Thinking in the Shower | 22 Words

It's no secret that the shower is a great place to think.

We all have our epiphanies, moments of brilliance, and other realizations while washing our bodies.

But only some of us share those random thoughts with the entire Internet.

The Shower Thoughts subreddit is full of gems, things that seem obvious once you read them but that you've never thought about before. Here are 19 of the best ones we could find...

This sad truth

Any stairway is a stairway to heaven if you're clumsy enough.DudeGuyLDS

This inside baseball joke

The reason that people in sitcoms can afford those awesome houses and apartments is because of all the money they save buying off-brand groceries. –DaveboNutpunch

This hard-hitting fact

Rain doesn't make a sound until it hits something.OtherCactus

This terrifying detail

Sleeping Beauty must have been terrified the first time she went back to sleep.ExidusDarkStar The next one is so true, but I've never thought about it...

Ron Swanson is right

The whole salad dressing industry exists because people really just don't like the taste of salad.Taitenger

Breakfast vs. dinner

Most people can eat the same breakfast weeks in a row, without complaining about it. But the same dinner for weeks, just seems ridiculously insane.RockabillyOx

Shakespeare spoiler alert

The titles of Shakespeare's books are all spoilers for who dies.IXLegolasXI

Since Deadpool can't die...

Deadpool could have hundreds of lives through organ transplants.arc_11

This mind-blowing parallel

Making glass is making caramel from sand.georgke The next one is just silly...

This is more of a technicality

If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, your pants are tucked into your shirt.Gavin1772

This haunting fact

A picture of you is probably framed on someone's wall from you accidentally being in the background.epic_cake101

What now?

If you swap the "W"s in Where, What, and When with "T"s. You end up with their answers._forum_mod

This deep thought

Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed.sadracb

The saddest GIF ever

Ice cream has bent more spoons than psychics.jarewolf The next one is truly baffling...

Ever think about this?

We use the term hair for all of it, but hairs for just a few.LinuxNovice

This true tragedy

The snooze button has probably ruined more lives than shark attacks have.Quimpers

This seems fishy

Freshwater fish aren't technically seafood.platoface

Because records have grooves...

Music played on vinyl is groovy.GalacTech

We're so old

There is probably somebody already born who will live their whole life without ever hearing a dial tone.PsyduckSexTape Share this with someone who has deep thoughts of their own!