I am going to be blunt: I am a dog person through and through. I like creatures that love me unconditionally and like to cuddle and won't scratch my face off. Plus, I am pretty allergic to most cats. But I am an animal lover at heart, and that means I think cats are miracles. Especially — hear me out — the hairless ones.

A lot of people don't find sphynx cats cute. "They look like aliens!" "They're not furry!" I have heard it all. But I have a strong counterpoint, and it is... all the pictures you are about to see.

These little naked cats are the cutest cats there are. Yeah. I said it. They have wrinkles galore and peach fuzz and giant ears. They have big, beautiful eyes and button noses. They may look severe at times, but that doesn't mean they can't be totally cuddly and precious. Sphynx cats are the best, and these pictures prove it.

Look at this stretchy monster!

Honestly, I would watch a Netflix show that's just like, a 10-hour montage of different animals stretching. It's so cute.

Curled up

You can't tell me that's not cute. You know the fuzzy hairless bellies of dogs? Hairless cats have that all over.

Little guy

Look at those amazing eyes! And those ears! I just want to like, put this little one in my pocket and take him to work.


Even hairless cats have peach fuzz. You can't tell me that's not cuddly.


Cats are always trying to be elegant and regal. But not hairless cats. Hairless cats are floppy messes, and I love them. The derpiness only goes up from here...

Derp derp

I cannot with that little tongue peeking out of this kitty's mouth. It's the best when that happens.

Hairless kitten

Sphynx cats are possibly even more adorable as tiny little kittens. Sure, she looks like a gremlin, but a cute one!


This little kitten kind of looks like a baby leopard or some other sort of wild cat. And I love it.


This picture has not one but two gorgeous hairless kitties stretching and cuddling at the same time. It's basically the Mona Lisa of cat pics.


Look at those giant eyes! This cat looks like a stuffed animal. Or an animeé character. The wrinkles are getting even wrinklier...

Little one

Can you even with all those wrinkles? Forehead wrinkles, body wrinkles, even leg wrinkles!

Model behavior

Um, animals in clothing get me every time. I'm sorry, but it does. This cat is cuter than I will ever be.


Look! At! Their! Eyes! Two of them have one green and one blue eye, and the third looks like it has blue-green eyes. Absolutely mesmerizing.


Would you look at the ears on this kitten? I don't know if cats are like people, but if this cat's ears continue to grow, they'll be bigger than his head!

Symmetrical sphynx

Have you ever seen a more symmetrical cat? I have not. The cute black nose, and the silky paw... The next one might actually be too much.


Sure, hairless cats do kind of look like aliens. But the cutest aliens in the whole entire galaxy, am I right?!

Sad boy

Why does this kitten look so sad? Is it because he's only a month old but he has the wrinkles of a 95-year-old man?


Look at the white marking on this kitty's face. It's an upside-down heart! This cat knows exactly how cute she is.

Down for the count

One of my favorite things in the world is when animals end up in positions where they sort of look like humans.

Speaking of...

Get this cat a beer. He's had a tough day. The faces that are coming up are priceless...


This little dude knows how cute he is. Look at that face. It's like, "Don't mind me. Just crossing my paws and giving you my belly."

The skeptic

Ah yes, the regal sphynx cat. So serious. So elegant. So not looking like she smoked too much weed.


If you are still somehow in the "hairless cats aren't cute" camp, here. Here's this picture. Now you have no excuse.


OK, so that tail isn't the cutest tail in the world, but the wrinkles and the blue eyes more than make up for it.

Big eyes

You know that Amy Adams movie Big Eyes? Oh, just mentioning it for no reason. The next one will make you squeal...

Boop boop

Wow, this photo really triggers my cute aggression. I just want to squeeze that cat so hard.


I cannot even. I. CANNOT. EVEN. It doesn't get more adorable than this. Like, this kind of cuteness isn't fair.


I told you these pictures just keep getting cuter and cuter. I love that some sphynx cats have ears that go straight up and others have these bat wings.

Hi there

Not only are hairless cats cute, but you can also make mazes out of their wrinkles and try to solve them.

Last but not least

This munchkin. Hairless cats = cute. I rest my case. Share this with someone who loves cats!s