They are large. They are fluffy. They drool an obscene amount. They are goofy and loving and perfect. They are Newfoundland dogs. The breed has been used for water rescues, babysitting children (popularized by Nana in Peter Pan), and as pillows for human beings. (I speak from personal experience.) Although I am definitely biased because I grew up with Newfoundlands, three to be exact, I think that once you see the pictures in this gallery, you will concur that these huge cuddly monsters are definitely worth all that hair and drool.

Newfies have huge tongues and droopy jowls and floppy ears and a deep desire to hug their owners even though they don't have arms to hug with. They think they are lap dogs even though they average about 100 lbs. If you are looking for a perfect companion and you are not at all allergic to dogs, Newfies are the greatest.

Look at this monster.

Newfies have a lot of hair, but under all that floof is the smushiest of smushy dogs.

Tongue out

Some Newfies have trouble keeping their tongue in their mouth. But that's OK because it's way cuter this way.


Newfies make the best pillows. Seriously, growing up, one of my favorite activities was to lie on the floor and use our dog as my pillow. Just wait until we show you the one with the slippers though...

Large and in charge

I don't know what it is about big dogs, but they are so cool. And cuddly. Owning a Newfie is the closest you can get to responsibly cuddling a bear. He's not the biggest boy in this list though!

Frozen drool

Um, is that a string of frozen drool hanging out of this Newfie's mouth? It's disgusting...and perfect.

Droopy eyes

Dog eyes don't get much more droopy than this. Seriously, you could keep snacks in those eye pockets.

Fluffy puppy

Newfies are adorable at literally every stage of their lives. This little nugget is perfect in every way.

Blue eyes

This is Penelope and she is in heaven right now with her peanut-butter-filled Kong. She deserves every treat she gets! Keep scrolling for even more Newfoundland puppies...

Cuddle muffin

You can always count on a Newfie to want to cuddle and lean into you all day long. They may be big, but they love a lap to snooze in.

Couch potato

You may think there is no room for your 100 lb. dog on your couch. You would be wrong.


This gorgeous Landseer Newfie thinks it's hilarious that you're telling her to get off the couch. She's not about to budge.

A star is born

This beautiful brown Newfie knows exactly how much of star she is in these patriotic glasses.

Bath time

I will say it is no small feat to properly bathe a Newfoundland. There's a lot of hair, and not gonna lie, water gets everywhere.

All smiles

Although Newfies are happy to be total couch potatoes, they also love running around and rolling in the grass. Want more puppy smiles? Keep reading!

Ball of fluff

Come on. This isn't a dog. This is an Ewok. This is a sweater balled up. This is one of those felt balls that you do crafts with. This is not a dog.

Bigger ball of fluff

This pup looks like someone took the puppy from the last picture and rubbed him with a balloon until he is full of static electricity.

Having fun

This pup is just begging you to try and grab that toy out of his mouth. He's ready to run. Want to see running Newfies? Peep the new few slides...


This is obviously the cover of the Newfies' debut album, "Welcome to Fursville." They won six Grammys for it.


It's a well-known fact that Newfoundlands love reading Dr. Seuss books. They are the most literate dogs in the world. OK, that's not true, but they are still adorable.

Spotted tongue

This is such a beautiful, special portrait of such a beautiful, special dog! There is a lot of variety in the facial structure of Newfies. This guy reminds me of my own dog, Andy, from growing up. This tongue is perfect but the next one might take the cake. What do you think?


My family's first Newfie was a Landseer, then our next two were black, but brown Newfies are clearly gorgeous too. Gotta complete the set.


Newfies are the best when they run because their faces flop up and down and they look crazy. It's the best.

Piercing eyes

I have never seen a Newfie with more arresting eyes. The amber pair is just begging you to pet her head.


Told you there would be slippers! Did I mention that Newfoundlands are total goofballs? This pup is like, "What? Oh, are these yours?" The next guy's jowls are honestly the best.


I love when Newfies put their heads on the floor because their jowls spread out all over the carpet. It's so cute. Wanna see a pup in a safety vest? Of course you do...

Safety vest

This pup is wearing that orange safety vest to let people know that he's not a bear. Seriously, this is a thing. OK, so I couldn't write a thing about Newfies without sharing pictures of my own. You know you want to see them...

Phoebe and Andy

This is Phoebe (left) and Andy (right).


Andy was an old man and Phoebe's older brother. He was the best pillow ever, and one of the best dogs I've ever known.

Phoebe and Simon

Here, total goofball Phoebe takes a break from torturing my pup Simon to take a picture. They are too much.

Snow dog

Phoebe can't get enough of the snow, and to be honest, she looks great in it. Share this with someone who needs to see these Newfie pics!