Delivery Driver Eats Rude Customer's Food | 22 Words

A delivery driver has well and truly sparked an online debate this week...

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Of course, being a delivery driver isn't always an easy job.


The role involves a lot more than meets the eye.

Delivery drivers work long days and have to meet tight deadlines.


Plus the work is exhausting, and, as most people working in customer service will know, the customers can be downright awful.

So, with difficult jobs like these...


It's not surprising sometimes delivery drivers snap.

And one story has gone viral this week.


One delivery driver recently went viral for this very reason.

It all started with a rude customer.


And the internet is loving what happened next ...

In the viral video, a woman is heard shouting at her delivery driver to bring the food up.

But he is hilariously fed up of her laziness - and has quite a different response.

See for yourself!

​What do you think of his response?