Pizza Delivery Driver Left in Stitches by Customer’s Warning on Delivery Instructions

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A pizza delivery driver has shared a hilarious delivery note with a warning left by a customer.

Safe to say, it left the internet in stitches

Being a delivery driver isn’t always an easy job.

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The role involves a lot more than meets the eye.

Delivery drivers work long days and have to meet tight deadlines.

Plus the work is exhausting, and, as most people working in customer service will know, the customers can be downright awful.

So, with difficult jobs like these…

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It’s important to remember the perks and the highlights.

After all, they’re sometimes few and far between.

One delivery driver recently found his highlight of the week in the form of a delivery note.

A delivery note with quite an unusual warning attached…

And after sharing the note on Facebook, it’s caused quite a reaction among social media users…

Safe to say, it gave the driver and the internet a laugh.

So, what exactly did it say?

A picture of the receipt was shared to Facebook, and while it looked like any normal receipt, under delivery notes it read…

“Just a heads up pal, me dogs a fkn rarf n barks at nowt.”

Which, if you couldn’t understand the slang, roughly translates to “my dog barks at nothing.”

Judging by the hundreds of comments from others saying they should do this, his dog isn’t the only one!
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