Demi Lovato has opened up about an assault she suffered as a teenager while working for Disney Channel...

She spoke about the assault in her new YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil.

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Now, Lovato has been open about her struggles with mental health.

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And is often praised for her candid and honest approach to the topic.

The star also has a history of substance abuse...

And it was later revealed that she also suffered from bipolar disorder, an eating disorder, and self-harm.

Lovato opened up about her mental health for the first time in this infamous interview 7 years ago.

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While being interviewed on GMA, the star was candid and honest about her mental health struggles. This interview marked the first time the singer opened up about what had been going on behind closed doors.

This is not the only time that Lovato has shared her battle with self-love, recovery, and her eating disorder.

In 2017, Lovato released the YouTube documentary, Simply Complicated.  The film followed her life and she spoke very candidly about her past drug addiction, battle with her weight, and taking control of her life.

Lovato had previously been sober for nearly 6 years, though her battle with an eating disorder is still ongoing.

"Food is still the biggest challenge in my life," she said in the film after she admitted to recently relapsing and purging. The star has also admitted that her "destructive behavior" stems from her eating disorder.

Her vulnerability and honesty are perhaps why fans feel so connected to Lovato.

Anyone who has ever gone through this kind of darkness in their life can relate to the singer's own journey.

Lovato explained that it's hard for her to not constantly think about her eating disorder.

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"I don’t want to give it the power that it controls my every thought, but it’s something that I’m constantly thinking about," she said.

She continued:

"Body image, what I wish I could be eating, what I wish I could be eating next, what I wish I didn’t eat, you know it’s just constant."

She explained that her toxic relationship with food started when she was a little girl.

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In the documentary, Lovato says: "The food came first, when I was 8 years old and my little sister was born, a lot of the attention was taken off me and onto my little sister."

Emotional eating is common, and if not addressed can lead to unhealthy and dangerous habits.

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Lovato explained that food often acted as a sort of "medicine" for her. "I had started working at that time and was under a lot of stress so I would bake cookies for my family, and I would eat all of them and nobody would have any to eat. That was my first memory of food being that medicine for me."

Her struggle with food often comes at highly emotional times in her life.

"When I was in a relationship, I went three years without purging and when we broke up that's one of the first things I did," she says in the film.

She continued:

"The less I have to think about food, the easier it is to go about having a normal life and I don’t want to let anybody down so when I do have moments when I slip up, I feel very ashamed. What started the relapse was missing Wilmer. And when I feel lonely my heart feels hungry and I end up binging."

Even though she continues to struggle with it, Lovato is one strong human being.

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It takes true bravery to be honest with the world, and Lovato continues to do so through her personal posts on social media.

But in 2018, the singer had a relapse...

On July 24, 2018, the singer was rushed to the hospital for a suspected overdose. TMZ reported that she was found unconscious and was revived with Narcan, a medication to reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose.

After spending time in a treatment facility, the singer addressed her relapse on Instagram...

"The love you have all shown me will never be forgotten and I look forward to the day where I can say I came out on the other side," she wrote. "I will keep fighting."

Over the past year, she has remained relatively out of the spotlight...

But now, she's back.

The singer has released an incredibly emotional YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil.

The powerful series covers many topics including the build-up to, and the aftermath of, her accidental overdose in the summer of 2018 and the pressures of recovery.

Lovato also opens up about an incredibly upsetting story from her past.

Revealing that she was assaulted twice.

Lovato speaks about the 2 incidents that occurred, one during her time on the Disney Channel, and the other by the dealer who provided her with the drugs that caused the overdose.

Speaking of her overdose, Demi said: "I didn't just overdose. I was taken advantage of."

"When they found me, I was blue. I was literally left for dead after he took advantage of me."

"When I woke up in the hospital, they asked if we had had consensual sex, and I said yes. It wasn't until a month after the overdose that I realized, 'You weren't in any state of mind to make a consensual decision.'"

She went on to talk about the other incident that occurred when she was a teenager.

And it's truly heartbreaking.

Adding that at the time she "was part of that Disney crowd that publicly said they were waiting until marriage."

She also revealed that while she told the adults in her life about it, the person who assaulted her "never got in trouble for it."

You can watch the trailer here:

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