Democrat Sarah McBride Becomes America’s First Openly Trans State Senator

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As the votes are counted for the 2020 elections, it has just been confirmed that, in the wake of their Democratic win, Delaware has elected their first-ever transgender state senator.

Here’s what we know so far…

The first-ever transgender state senator in US history has been voted in.

But no out transgender politicians hold federal or statewide office anywhere in the United States.

Until now, that is.

In their victory tonight, Delaware elected the country’s first-ever out transgender state senate. Keep scrolling to learn more about this historic senator…

We were treated to 2 separate town hall events – just on different channels from different parts of the country, with undecided voters watching in the audience.    

And what he said blew Trump right out of the park.

“He missed enormous opportunities and kept saying things that weren’t true,” he said, noting that Trump’s administration said the virus would go away by Easter or be eradicated by the summer heat.

He explained how his first move would have been “sending Americans to China to get the most up to date knowledge on the virus.”

And that the President should be pushing all Americans to use masks as a way to stop the spread. “He didn’t talk about what needed to be done because he kept worrying, in my view, about the stock market… He worried if he talked about how bad this could be, unless we took these precautionary actions, then, in fact, the market would go down. And his barometer of the success of the economy is the market.”

And when a mother of a transgender child asked Biden about his plans for LGBTQ+ rights, his answer was astonishing.

“I’m the proud mom of 2 girls, 8 and 10, my youngest daughter is transgender. The Trump Administration has attacked the rights of transgender people – banning them from military service, weakening non-discrimination, protections, and even removing the word ‘transgender’ from some government websites.”

And how he will ensure the lives and rights of LGBTQ+ people will be protected.

“I will flat out just change the law, I will eliminate those executive orders.”

Biden explained how, as a young boy, he saw 2 corporate-looking men kiss each other, and his father said, “Joe, it’s simple. They love each other.”

“The idea that an 8-year-old child decides, ‘You know, I decided I want to be transgender’, there should be zero discrimination and what’s happening is, too many transgender women of color are being murdered… so I promise you there is no reason to suggest that there should be any rights denied to your daughter.”

And so did the internet!

Who knows right now.

Saying that should he win Tuesday’s election, he will sign the civil rights law within his first 100 days.

Pledging to expand queer rights not just here in the US, but internationally too.

Democrat Sarah McBride has won the race for Delaware’s first senate district – meaning she will become the first openly transgender state senator in US history.

“We did it. We won the general election. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Congratulations, Sarah McBride!