Ah, Denny's...

Everyone's got at least one Denny's (or maybe IHOP or Waffle House) story from a wild night that has ended with eggs and pancakes.

Denny's has always been there for us, and recently they've really stepped up their social media game, but they may have gotten a little too big for their britches with one recent post.

Denny's has been winning hearts and stomachs across America with their creative use of social media.

They've clearly made a conscious effort to be funny on social media, and it seems to be working out pretty well for them.

The restaurant has tapped into the only thing millennials love more than food.

Memes. Sweet, glorious memes.

The Denny's Twitter account is absolutely bonkers in the best way possible.

It's a good move, though. It's certainly separated them from IHOP and other diner chains.

They're very self-aware too, which has only helped boost their audience.

Over 400,000 followers for a crappy pancake diner is pretty good. Not as good as the Grand Slam breakfast, but pretty good.

A favorite past time of the Denny's Twitter roasting other people or products.

Like this hilarious dig at Apple. But anytime you make fun of someone, there will be haters. Denny's tweeted something this week that got quite a few people upset...

Denny's tweeted out a pretty funny joke about people who don't tip.

It all started off with a seemingly innocent joke, but Twitter quickly burst into flames. (Not literally, but people were mad.)

Some were quick to bash Denny's for allegedly not paying their employees minimum wage.

Denny's didn't realize what it was getting itself into. And it got burned fast.

People were throwing shade at Denny's by the handful.

The poor guy behind the Twitter account had to bear the brunt of it. But that's all part of the Twitter game.

People were so mad at Denny's over a seemingly innocent joke.

And just to step to the defense of Denny's here — if you live in a state where a company is allowed to pay two dollars an hour, it's probably not Denny's fault. Here in California, Denny's workers are paid a minimum of ten dollars an hour.

To be honest, a lot of the criticism hurled at Denny's was over things they have no control over.

Denny's didn't make the minimum wage for your state. Don't blame them. Blame your state. Of course, not everyone was against Denny's...

There is at least one thing we can all agree on.

Tipping is dumb. Just charge more and pay the employees more. Don't put it on us. We aren't responsible!

Some of the criticism was just unfair.

In-n-Out is the literal picture of perfection. It's just not fair to compare Denny's to In-n-Out.

The more hate we see directed at Denny's, the more we side with them, strangely enough.

Denny's isn't the only restaurant that pays its employees less than the minimum wage. At least servers at Denny's get tips, even if the whole concept of tipping is pretty dumb.

If you're gonna complain, though, you have to make it funny. Like this guy did:

Unfaithful Denny's can't help itself. It's got to post funny memes!

Denny's had no idea that the backlash would be so bad.

But maybe they should've, seeing as they're one of the top offenders when it comes to wage violations. Now, instead of talking about a funny meme, this headline seems to be flying around Twitter. Probably not what their marketing department wanted. Well, you live, you meme, you learn.