It can be a little overwhelming when you look around you and realize that every single non-organic object that you see had to be designed by someone (or several someones). Just within three feet of me, I can count upward of 50 things that would literally not exist unless they had been designed by someone who tried to make the best version of that thing possible.

And then there are things that were obviously designed by people who didn't care to make the best version of an object. It might be a phone that is designed to become obsolete right around the time that the next version of it comes out. It might be a package of chips that is mostly air. These designs go way beyond simply being bad; they're actively nefarious.

Unfortunately, there are product designers out there who are more interested in trickery than in elegant design. We've found quite a few of them and posted their designs here. Get ready to feel pretty angry...but also impressed.

This bottle of shower gel has a hole in the center of it.

Of course, you can't see the hole because it's covered by the label. The hole also just happens to be where you'd squeeze the bottle to get some product to come out. Cool.

Read the fine print on this one:

Is this even legal? Someone please tell me it's not.

The longer you look, the worse it gets.

First, there's the obviously deceitful empty space in the center of the box. Then, there's the fact that there are only about 20 different colors of marker. And then, worst of all, there are only 75 markers in the box. They're counting the lids as separate pieces.

This wasn't supposed to be a travel-size tube.

I'd ask why they even made a bigger box, but I think we all know the answer. To trick customers into thinking they're getting a deal. On toothpaste. Come on.

This video is infuriating:

What a waste of packaging that's just going to end up in a landfill anyway. This kind of thing makes me so angry!

A useless button.

Deep down, we all knew that those buttons do nothing, right? It's kind of nice to be validated, honestly.

Fries? What fries?

Just looking at this picture is making me hungry. For revenge.

Look! A completely full bucket of toys!

You have to look pretty closely to see the deception going on here. I don't understand it. How much money is this actually saving?

Fill a "bucket!"

You'd be better off just buying a regular size candy bar. It's probably a better deal, anyway. Even at movie theater prices.

I knew it.

I suspect the thermostat in my office is essentially the same thing. Joke's on them, though. I have a space heater.

"Filled" donuts.

The only thing these donuts are filled with is donut. You'd only get one bite of Nutella! What a tragedy.


Does it actually cost more to print emojis on the entire napkin? This might just be laziness at work.


I don't know anyone who needs a lot of superglue. Would people actually be offended if it was just sold as a small tube?

This is just the worst.

Look at the Y-axis. It's upside-down. This is criminal.

I am seething.

It's not like anyone is going to Applebee's for a great deal (or great food), but...come on. This is horrible!

Why not just make it $6?

If this happened to me, I would refuse to do laundry on principle. Sure, my clothes might stink, but I get to keep my quarter.

Scumbaggy on so many levels.

At first, I was offended by the fact that simply moving the minibar contents would result in a fee. But the fact that you have to pay to have the minibar removed is honestly horrible.

Here's a company I'll never buy from, ever:

As if the scummy email wasn't bad enough, there are also so many grammatical errors here. They clearly can't be trusted.

What a deal!

I love how they try to make the fact that the book is unbound into some kind of perk. It's not. It's just cheaper to produce. Get out of here with that.

Gluten free! Just kidding!

Oh, no big deal. People's lives might be at stake due to your labels, but who cares, right?

Sticker "roll."

Imagine being a young child excited about your new roll of stickers, only to find out that it's just a sheet of stickers. It makes me so sad!

They knew.

I am now very distrusting of any food that comes with a "window" in the box. I don't know who I can trust!

Exhibit B against window packaging:

I hope you're happy with the money you've saved with this dishonesty. This would make me never buy this brand again.

Toilet paper math.

What even is a toilet paper roll? 20 sheets? 100? I have no idea anymore.

This might be the worst one:

Look at all of that empty space! I am ready to riot now.

"Lovingly handmade."

There was nothing done "lovingly" with this wrap. It was all done hatefully, with rich people snickering to themselves about how clever they are.

OK, I would definitely fall for this one.

I hope you didn't try to swipe that hair away on your phone screen. I'm sorry if you did.

This game's icon includes a fake notification:

My phone is already overtaken with those little red dots. I would never download this in a million years.

Want some cookies?

Hope you weren't planning to share, 'cause this cookie jar is about 1/3 air.

Low(er) carb*

People are just trying to be healthy, and all you can do is try to trick them. That's pretty low. Share this with a friend!