Did You Know That THESE 10 American Habits Totally Confuse the Rest of the World?

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Every country has its own habits and practices. Some make perfect sense and get adopted worldwide. Others, well…not so much.

America might be a trendsetter a lot of different ways, but sometimes what goes on here just confuses everyone else.

Now that I know the rest of the world gets more privacy, I’m left wondering why our stalls offer so little!

I always just figured French bread was French. Don’t tell me the awful truth about Swiss cheese. I would be devastated to find out that’s not Swiss.

Other places value simplicity. Elsewhere, Oreos are just “Oreos.” Here, they’re half a grocery store aisle.

Granted, it’s not exactly used for high-fashion outfits, but it still pops up everywhere. Not a bad thing, but certainly something that people notice.

Huh. I guess it’s a pretty personal decision, but at the end of the day, it’s a business, so why not advertise?

You learn that America’s sort of alone on this one every time you visit another country. Honestly, the metric system does seem far easier to use, but I guess we’re stubborn like that.

I get the confusion over this one, too. I mean, do we really want to make decisions about our healthcare based on ads? I guess we do. Huh.

Try getting a pack of smokes in a European pharmacy, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy.

I wouldn’t say the rest of the world is dressier than we are, but when we dress down, our idea of “casual” goes far lower than other countries’ does.

I guess it’s a “better safe than sorry approach,” but common sense should take over at some point, right?