Did You Know Your Zodiac Sign Reveals the Number of Kids You're Destined to Have? | 22 Words

Those who subscribe to astrology know that there's a lot more than just horoscopes to the study of the stars.

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You can learn about your personality in many different ways. And from those characterizations, you can learn much more. For instance, did you know that the way the stars define you factors in how many kids you should be having? It's true. See how below.


A love and desire for others, true to your warrior spirit, means three to four kids is appropriate for you.


You're calm, composed, and driven, so you'll want to have two kids so that managing them doesn't infringe on your emotional stability.


Twins. Duh! But they'll have two different personalities, so keep your guard up!


Cancers can expect two kids several years apart. You're the mother of the Zodiac signs, so raising kids should come naturally to you.


Lions travel in a pride, and your pride will contain two to four kids. Fortunately, if it's closer to four, your multitasking skills will come in handy.


Since you're prone to stress and anxiety, one kid is your magic number. Any more could be overwhelming, but there are always exceptions!


Your sense of balance means that whatever the number of kids you choose to have should be an even one. But you can deal with several!


Scorpios are fit for a whole pack of kids, so go nuts! Your desire to be surrounded by love means you can handle it!


You're an adventurer, which means your travels and journeys could be hampered by little ones, so if you're going to have kids, one is the optimal number.


Three kids suit you just fine. You're great at structure and organization, so you can manage them easily.


The stars have one kid in store for you. your adventures can handle a kid or two, but any more might hamper you.


Just like fish travel in schools, you can handle a whole bunch of kids. Five or more? No problem for you!