The Shocking Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Pet Products

Let’s be honest. We all want the best for our pets, and usually, we find it quite tough to say no when they stare deeply into our souls with their sweet little eyes. Despite the fact that they may have just chewed up your favorite socks (they were really old, right?), or peed on the entryway rug for the 166th time, you just can’t find it in your heart to say no to them.

For the 10-15 short years our fur babies are on this planet, we might as well spoil them rotten! However, spoiling our pets doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. We’ve waded through all the products on the internet for you and compiled an amazing list of curated, top-rated products for you to effortlessly choose from.

Ranging from treats to healthcare products, you won’t be able to resist grabbing just a few of these because we all know we’re happy if our pets are happy. Whether you’re balling on a budget or living that luxury lifestyle, you’ll find something you like. And you’ll probably be surprised by the difference between cheap and more expensive options.

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

Splurge on Treats: Large Dental Sticks

Delicious, nutritious, and a deeper clean to the gumline? Sign me up for auto-ship! Trusted review: “I have 2 large dogs. Both of them are active chewers. I’ve been giving them these dental treats at night right as we are getting ready for bed. You should see the two of them run to bed in anticipation of this treat. And I feel good knowing that this product is actually good for their dental hygiene.” Splurge: $33.99


Save on Treats: Grain-Free Peanut Butter Biscuit Dog Treats

These naturally preserved, filler-free treats have loyal customers screaming from the mountain tops. Trusted review: “THESE WERE A HIT! My little guys LOVE these cookies! No matter what they’re up to, I shake this bag and I instantly have their undivided attention.” Save: $2.99


Splurge on Toys: Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

Hide-and-seek has never been more fun for your dog. Trust us when we say this essential toy will provide hours upon hours of focused entertainment for your pal. Trusted review: “It’s quite entertaining watching him trying different strategies. He’s so busy he hasn’t even tried to tear it up.” Splurge: $14.11

Save on Toys: Classic Ball Launcher

Stop bending over to pick up a slimy ball and join hundreds of satisfied customers (and four-legged friends) with the ultimate fetch toy. Trusted review: “I was a bit skeptical at first that it would not be worth the $ but it definitely is! It flings the ball much further than I can throw it and I don’t have to touch a slobbery ball ever again!” Save: $4.16

Splurge on Pharmacy: Heartworm Preventative

There’s no reason for you to not have this in your cart right now when 100% of reviewers would recommend this product. Be sure to grab the proper chewable for your dog’s weight. Trusted review: “Been using Heartgard for years with my standard poodles. They all compete in AKC sports so they’re around a large number of dogs. They have all been safe. The dose is easy to give (chewable) and I am grateful that my vet recommended it.” Splurge: $49.49

Save on Pharmacy: Calming Chew Sticks

This next-generation dog chew has all the benefits of a rawhide chew…without the rawhide! Trusted review: “Have tried numerous supplements for my dog who is a rescue and gets extremely anxious. One bone in the evening makes a huge difference!! Highly recommend.” Save: $4.74

Splurge on Healthcare: Ear Infection Treatment

Stubborn ear infections are no fun for anyone involved. With hundreds of positive reviews shared, it’s no wonder this is becoming a staple in pet owners’ homes. Trusted review: “Three months and three calls later, I gave up on the vet and turned here. THIS STUFF WORKED!!! The smell was gone. The black mess was gone. Mya’s itching was gone! Even the cat and other dogs don’t sniff at her ear anymore!!! I treated her for a week, once a day, and that’s all it took.” Splurge: $30.99

Save on Healthcare: Quality Grooming Brush

Less hair, less cleaning, happy owner, and happy pup. This steal of a brush reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90%. But don’t just trust reviewers word for it, try it out yourself! Trusted review: “The brush head is flexible & contours to your dog’s body. Gets into those hard to reach places & you don’t need to go over a spot til your dog bleeds! Ideal for dogs who always get sticks, twigs, leaves, etc. stuck on their fur cause it detangles & pulls it out gently. My dogs love to be groomed now & even do an “Oh that’s the spot” leg raise!” Save: $6.35

Splurge on Gifts: Birthday Box

Why only get an essential birthday bandana when you can spoil your dog rotten with an entire box of toys and treats on their special day? Trusted review: “This box was perfect! My Pom/Heeler loves so much we are pretty sure she was smiling. Her favorite was the stuffed birthday cake toy. Our other dog enjoyed so much that we may have to order two of some things for them both to enjoy. Thanks for shipping promptly even during a pandemic. Our dog loves Chewy!” Splurge: $29.99

Save on Gifts: Dog Ice Cream Mix

Made with lactose-free whole milk you’re able to whip up this powdered treat whenever it’s time to party. Trusted review: “So easy to make and lasts a long time. I can easily give my pup a scoop here and there as a treat and pop it back in the freezer!” Save: $7.72