Birthdays. Some people love 'em. Some people hate 'em.

Either way, birthday's rear their tricky heads once every year, seemingly filled with newfound promise. In no time at all, though, they more often than not end in brutal disaster.

For these folks, it's their birthdays and you can bet they're gonna cry...

...and not because they want to.

When Your Birthday's Totes Lit

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100 years? I'd smoke to that.

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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If by dreams you mean NIGHTMARES! I can feel the scars tearing their way through her subconscious right now.

Bye, Carbs

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That girl on the left, though. She's crushed.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

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And just like that, a sibling rivalry was forged.

Location! Location! Location!

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That sounds super sh*tty. All puns intended.

Where Are They Now: The Kirk Cameron Story

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That much Subway? Talk about Growing Pains...


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Nope. That's a cake. This takes "bite me" to a whole new level and I'm not a fan.


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*Facepalm* *for days*

Die Another Birthday

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This. This is why I said "no thanks" when my parents asked if I wanted siblings.

Parents From Hell

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And just like that... He never left their basement again.

Poor Placement

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Winnie the Pooh. Looking for honey in all the wrong places.

When You Party Too Hard

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"Alright, everyone!" "Time to get out those Sharpies..."

When You Lose Control

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Bye, dignity. See you never.

This Is 40

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"I'll take one mid-life crisis cake, please." "Heavy on the reality check."

Celebrating a Year of 1ths

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Well maybe they...Nah. You're right. No excuse.

DIY Birthday Cake

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Cause you're like...a project. PERSON! A project person. ... I'll see myself out.

Birthday of Champions

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For many people I know, this would be a great birthday success. I know mostly alcoholics.

When You Find the Line Between Silly and...

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Abort! ABORT!

I Only Want One Little Bite...

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Girl. We know your game.

Well This Birthday Stinks...

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So ominous. Who are these skunks, and just what are they threatening?

Go Bananas!

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"You said you wanted Banana!" *flips over paper* "...Cake."

I Can't Even

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This person should be banned from all things birthday. Effective immediately.

Make a Wish!

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Gets me every time. #LifeGoals

When You're Just Trying To Make a Friend

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And it all goes wrong.  Oh God does it go wrong.

No Frills

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Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.

A Classic

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I feel like this happens to her every year. It's her thing.

When You Lose Control

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Sure. You just "lost control."

When Your Birthday Is Trash and You Know It

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Not. Cute.

And the Aye's Have It!

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The ayes, not the EYES! Never the eyes...

What'd You Wish For?

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That one little moment. That's paying for her therapist's childrens' college educations. Plural.