Disastrous Photoshop Fails That Aren’t Fooling Anyone

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I’m pretty sure that people have been editing images of themselves for as long as art has existed in the world.

You just know that some caveman insisted on having his…um…club look larger than it actually was in a cave painting, right?

These days, it’s easier than ever to present a less-than-honest image to the rest of the world. From Snapchat filters. to Instagram filters, to Facetune, to Photoshop, looking at any image these days requires a careful eye and a grain of salt. Or maybe a cup of salt. Or maybe a couple of pounds of it.

However, just because photo editing software is now available to the masses, that doesn’t mean that the masses necessarily know how to use it. Every time you scroll through your social media feeds, you see edited images. Some edits are more obvious than others…and some are more hilarious than others, too.

This always happens to me, too. No matter how much it rains, my hair stays perfectly dry and my T-shirt stays perfectly clingy. So annnoying!

For a next-level hack, just stuff a chicken cutlet into your tights.

This is actually a pretty impressive Photoshop job.
It’s a shame he tried to pass it off as real, though. I’d be way more impressed if he just owned up to his mad photo editing skills.

As someone who can’t for the life of me figure out how people make their makeup look flawless, this is actually a pretty eye-opening image.
Forget learning how to do makeup. I’m just going to download a bunch of apps.

At first glance, I didn’t actually notice what was wrong with this image.
Now, I don’t understand how I missed it.

There’s a lot going on in this photo, and approximately 90 percent of it is impossible. But you’ve gotta admire the confidence, right?

First of all, plug in your phone. Secondly, are you aware that you have two belly buttons?

Either a smoothing filter has been (over)used on this photo, or the woman on the right’s hand is moving at lightning speed. I like to think it’s the latter.

“Well now I gotta click on that!”

Without a doubt, the Chernobyl disaster was one of the most terrifying moments in human history. But like, it was scary on its own. We don’t need to scary it up by implying it created double-fish with people eyes.

Who are you wearing tonight?

We’ve all seen people wear dresses before. This is not how dresses look on people.

Imagine some poor family going to the local photoshoppery, clutching this photo close to their chest, needing a couple of slight blemishes removed. They drop it off, go run some errands, and come back in a short while. And they get this back. that family will think they did something to offend the Photoshop artist. There’s no other way to explain this.

Now that is a big face.

As someone who knows how to use Photoshop pretty well, I look at a lot of these and I’m just itchin’ to fix them. Like this one — all you need is a layer mask and a hint of Free Tranforming and this lady’s face would only look kind of weird, as opposed to looking like it currently does: like an abomination.

There must be some kind of photo-editing software that lets you just swipe really quick to “edit” your photo. Because even learning the Smudge tool well enough to make this happen requires some time. And if this guy put any amount of time into this photoshop, they’d have for sure noticed how big they were making that guy in the background.

Not only does this photoshopped-in reflection not match, it’s hovering so far above where it should be that it looks like there is a ghost hovering above this little girl. And maybe there is…? Did anyone… did anyone check?

This is the kind of bad photoshop that makes me mad. Don’t insult my intelligence. I know that dog is Photoshopped in. At least put that weird outline around him like Youtubers do in their thumbnails.

Listen up, cowpoke, I got a tip for ya. When you’re trying to pop that booty, make sure you don’t warp your horse’s legs to oblivion.

I could be way off here, but this Miguel character looks like he’s maybe 14 years old. How dos he think faking this photo is going to end for him when his friends come over and see that this car is nowhere to be found?

No one’s gonna judge you for a little bit of photoshoppin.’ We all do it. But you’ve got to keep it believable, girl! You look like a 12-year-old’s first drawing of a girl since he started puberty.

The lighting here is all off, but this is one of the better bad photoshops I’ve seen. It’s still pretty bad though.

So frustrating! This girl would’ve looked good without the photoshopping! Also, the fact that she looks like she’s in the backroom of a high-end fashion boutique wearing a black jumpsuit makes me think she’s a burglar.

Let’s just go ahead and presume for a second that this is not a Photoshop job and this guy actually has a beautiful woman who wants to sensually touch his leg. Does he think it’s cool not to look at her? That’s not true love! People truly in love look at each other at least once in a while.

The first comment on this post hits the nail on the head: Her legs are 25 km long.

Why Photoshop those hands on her? Was the original picture too, I don’t know, dainty for this *checks notes* dress? If she goes for the handshake, you are definitely okay to switch to a hug.

I gotta assume this is an amateur-level bad photoshopper. The pros know to never — not ever — stand in front of blinds.

Again, no one’s going to give you any guff for a little bit of photoshoppin.’ Just make it believable. This girl looks like she could wear a Ring Pop as a belt.

Ahh *chef’s kiss* magnifico!

This is, without a doubt, my favorite kind of bad photoshop. When you take a professionally-shot picture and dump on a face that’s been photographed with the default webcam on your 2012 Macbook? The result is always, always spectacular.

A lot of guys, who want to photoshop new eyes (?) over their old eyes (???) forget that you have to account for the eyelids too. Again, I just want to drop a layer mask on this bad boy’s eyes so bad!

I could almost buy the (still oddly) photoshopped faces of the children. But that dad’s face is not only way too young, it’s also way too malleable.

What I like about this photoshop is just how wide the fake abs make his stomach look. It’s like he has both a six pack and a beer belly. His stomach is in a quantum superposition of both being in incredible and terrible shape.

This image is in what we in the ‘biz like to call “the uncanny valley” of bad photoshops. It’s almost right (still got a bit of that “high-quality photo + potato-quality face photo” thing going on), but it’s just close enough to look right that we notice everything about it that’s really really wrong.

I understand the dilemma these designers were in — they had to draw attention to the necklace, and to make it the correct proportions to this woman’s neck would make it to small. That’s why you make the woman bigger and crop the image. You don’t just blow up the necklace and call it a day!

When last we saw this expert-level photoshop maven/ lady-killer, he was sitting on a bench, not looking his true love in the eye. Now he’s sitting on a step and avoiding eye contact with two women, one of which is cartoonishly trying to woo him with a rose. Guy must be pretty cool if he’s got this many beautiful, fuzzily-outlined women after him.

I like how stoked this lady is to have pretty regularly-sized keys and itsy-bitsy sunglasses. I just hope she doesn’t ever wear them while she’s eating a bag of chips, because if she were to drop those baby shades into the bag, she wouldn’t notice until she’d dipped them in salsa and taken a bite.

I’ve seen plenty of Beyonce music videos in my days. Did she always have legs long enough to earn her a role in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas?

The problem with making photoshops is you have to not only understand how the technical tools like the Clone Stamp and Lasso tools work, you also have to have a rough understanding of human anatomy. All that is to say, this is either a photoshop or this guy had his neck snapped seconds before this photo was taken.

Okay, obviously this is a photoshopped image. But think about this: if we ever were able to take a picture of God, isn’t this pretty close to what it would look like…?

My dude didn’t do the worst job of cutting out his head form another picture! He did, however, do the worst job in terms of matching the lighting to the body he slapped it onto. And also? If you’re pasting your head onto literally any body, there are better bodies than this one, which is only vaguely muscular. Put your head on Hulk Hogan’s body, dude!

I don’t care if you want to edit your photo to make your body look different. Just…Pay attention to your surroundings when you do so.

I like that it’s not just a standard sandcastle, either. That thing is intense.

Everybody is trying to get rid of their nipples these days. It’s a huge fitness trend.

You can’t cross this line. But you can walk around it.

How did she forget an entire hand??? How does this happen?

We could give this person the benefit of the doubt. Or we could rely on our knowledge of windows and the fact that they never look like that. Either way.

If you’re going to digitally cinch your waist, make sure no other body parts will be affected. That’s Photoshop 101.

The tagged photo just proves that you don’t need to edit your images in the first place! Just live your life!

Jacaranda trees really are that purple! But roads are not.

Is anyone else getting major Alita: Battle Angel vibes from this pic? I’m pretty sure no human eyes have ever looked like that. Ever.

I’m starting to think some of these fails are being done on purpose. How could you miss this?

I’m really hoping this is a filter, but either way: Come on, people. Babies do not need to be photoshopped.

Where…? How…? What’s going on here?

I’m pretty sure the pool handrail is supposed to be straight. I’m pretty sure her back is, too.

First of all, even if it were unedited, this looks like the most uncomfortable piece of clothing that has ever existed. Secondly, how do you manage to do this badly?

They call her Slenderwoman. For obvious reasons.

I’m pretty sure the edge of the pool is supposed to be flat. Right? I’m not the crazy one here, am I?

What color is this house? Is it white or beige? Also, that AC coverup job is totally laughable.

I still see the hint of wrinkles around the knuckle. Try again!

Is it me, or does this family look just a tad off to you? Share this with someone who always loves a good eye roll!

Look at the meat on that forearm! My girl must’ve been doing those grip exercises that all of our grandpas do for some reason.