Disney has released the first look at President Joe Biden, the latest addition to Walt Disney's World's Hall of Presidents exhibit.

As the forty-sixth president of the United States, Biden will soon be joining historical figures like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Barack Obama as an animatronic figure.

The Magic Kingdom park has been open since 1971 and the Hall of Presidents brings the heritage of the United States to life, sharing the importance of the office of presidents that have to lead our country to greatness in their own unique ways.

According to Disney's press release: "For the past few months, work has been underway to add President Joe Biden to the stage as the 46th President of the United States. As Disney Imagineers are putting the final touches on the show, which will debut to guests in August, we're sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the latest update."

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"Just as Walt envisioned, creative teams, have been busy programming an Audio-Animatronics replica of the president, pairing it with a delivery of the presidential oath of office recorded at the White House by President Biden himself just for the attraction. Every detail comes together to create a realistic and symbolic glimpse into the office of the president through the years, from the carefully tailored clothing to the props, documents, and furniture placed throughout the stage," the press release stated.

Disney then continued to intrigue people with what happens to former presidents who have served their terms as the POTUS: "And for those who are curious about what happens to presidents at The Hall of Presidents after their term has ended, the Audio-Animatronics figure of former President Donald J. Trump will take its place on stage among those who have previously served."

It's remarkable that Biden's face will soon be up there with past presidents of the United States in the Hall of Presidents considering what he's already done for the country after a pretty rocky few years...

One of Biden's important executive orders, as per CNN, is to raise the minimum wage of federal contract workers to $15 an hour up from $10.95, aiming to achieve this by early 2022.

The pay rise will affect the likes of cleaning professionals, maintenance workers, nursing assistance, food service workers, and laborers.

Biden also willed to reverse the Trump Policy banning refugees from key regions and enabling flights from those regions. He managed to raise the US refugee admissions cap to 62,500 from Trump's 15,000 cap in which was in place before.

He definitely deserves his place in The Hall of Presidents!