Toy Story has been part of our lives for over two decades now. The franchise became an instant hit and, before we knew it, we found ourselves falling in love with a bunch of animated toys. I don't know about you, but after I initially watched it, I kept a careful eye on my old toys, just in case they came to life before my eyes. Don't pretend that you didn't!

The iconic bloopers at the end of the films really brought a smile to everyone's faces. There's just something extremely funny about watching animations pretending to be real actors, pulling pranks or messing up their lines as if they were actual takes. But one of the more forgotten scenes in Toy Story 2 has recently been slammed in the headlines.

Due to furious backlash from global audiences, Disney Pixar has quietly decided to delete the blooper from all new releases of the movie. Keep scrolling for the full-length version of the controversial (and very creepy) video.

Toy Story captured the hearts of global audiences.

The initial release of the first film in 1995 built the foundations for three further films. And they only got better.

But people were apprehensive about the release of the fourth movie, which hit the big screens last month.

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Toy Story 4 went above and beyond expectations, smashing box office records on its first weekend.

And it seems as if we're all grateful for the life lessons that these toys have managed to teach us.

You would think that, by the release of the fourth film, people would have gotten bored with watching a bunch of toys going on adventures, but, if that's what you think, you couldn't be more wrong. This user expressed that "if you allow yourself to be treated [badly], then you're just a toy." Deep.

And Ty pretty much summed up the moral behind each film.

So you can see how important the Toy Story franchise has been in all of our lives.

However, recently, one particular Toy Story film has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons...

It has had the internet up in flames and not in a good way.

Disney is known for editing its films, even after their release.

A good example of this is the Disney classic, Aladdin, which is set in the Middle East. You can probably tell what kind of accusations Disney got themselves into with this one, (cough, racism, cough), so they decided to re-edit a significant part of it.

Does anyone remember the song "Arabian Nights"?

Of course you do, it was iconic. But Disney had a pile of complaints on their hands for two particular lines in the song which read: "Where they cut off your ear - If they don’t like your face - It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home." Yikes.

Thankfully, it was changed.

The new lyrics read: “Where it’s flat and immense - And the heat is intense - It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home."

And Disney's just gone and done it again!

Rereleasenews.com discovered that one of the bloopers from Toy Story 2 appears to be missing from all of the new releases including all the new, digital downloads.

But this one went beyond just a couple of lyrics...

The scene involved Stinky Pete, the ultimate Toy Story villain and a couple of Barbies. Can you see where I'm going with this one?

The scene started off fine, with the trio Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye.

The cowboy walks over to the toy box, where Stinky Pete is supposed to be, but he, instead, finds two Barbie dolls stuck in the small box with him. Pete can be heard telling them that he could land them both a part in Toy Story 3, while caressing one of the dolls' hands.

When he realizes that the camera is directed at him, he ushers the girls out, welcoming them back if they ever need any more "acting tips."

And it must be noted that he watches them as they leave, mentally undressing them with their eyes.

It's extremely disturbing right?

This scene accurately reflects the practice within the entertainment industry wherein older men with power request sexual acts from those in lesser positions in exchange for career opportunities or promotions.

Back in the day, no one would have batted an eyelid, but times have changed.

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And it's all thanks to influential movements like the #MeToo movement, which has called out Hollywood's film industry. Harvey Weinstein, a former film producing legend, has been exposed for his despicable behavior over the years, using his position to exploit younger actors in exchange for opportunities.

Victims have rallied together, sharing stories about how they were abused, including the likes of Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne.

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Currently, over eighty women have revealed that they were taken advantage of by Weinstein and the list keeps growing. Accusations against him range from sending explicit messages and intimidation, all the way to sexual advances and rape.

Cara Delevingne's public post on Instagram shocked the world.

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The detailed caption revealed that, when she first started out as an actor, Weinstein had called her to ask about her sexuality. First of all, why would you ask someone that you've never met such an intrusive question? Secondly, over a short phone call?

And it didn't stop there.

He then proceeded to arrange a meeting with her wherein he bragged about all of the actresses that he had already slept with and said that he hoped to add her to the list. Even when she was walking away from him, he tried to kiss her on the lips. Disgusting.

However, the ex-film producer still continues to deny all of these allegations despite the evidence against him.

We stand with the victims. Let's just hope that justice is served.

Here's the full (now deleted) clip from Toy Story 2.

Movements like #MeToo have inspired change across the entire industry. And we're pretty glad that Disney has decided to erase that inappropriate scene involving Pete and the Barbies from Toy Story 2. It has no place in today's society.

This is a small step in the right direction.

Some may say that deleting the scene allows us to forget about these kinds of things, but it's not about that. We should not expose audiences worldwide, especially children, to Stinky Pete's behavior as it can normalize it. That's why it's important that we don't give it space on our screens. If you're pretty wound up about all of this, keep reading to see if you agree with this woman's claims about Toy Story 4.