Disney Is Launching a Range of Wedding Dresses for Dreamy Fairytale Weddings | 22 Words

Every girl dreams of being a princess at least once in their life, but this doesn't have to be just a dream anymore since Disney is launching their own range of wedding dresses!

Whether you're a Belle or a Cinderella, Disney has the perfect option for you to spend your wedding day in your dream dress. We reckon you'll be hard-pressed to choose just one.

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Everyone loves a Disney Princess.

For many of us, these movie characters represent a particular part of our childhood, which may be why they stay so close to our hearts.

But there's one thing, in particular, that we all love.

The Disney Princess dresses are an undeniable part of their appeal. What little girl doesn't dream of wearing a gown like this one day?

And there are plenty to choose from.

Who can pick their favorite, when it seems like every single Princess has what can only be described as a dream dress?

And there's another problem.

While these dresses are absolutely stunning, it feels like obtaining a dress this magnificent can't possibly happen in real life.

Because our lifestyles (unfortunately) aren't that princess-y.

In fact, if we're honest, we spend far more time napping on the couch than going to balls.

But Disney, being the fairytale geniuses they are, came up with an idea.

They are about to make all your dreams come true.

Everyone dreams of looking like a princess on their big day.

Allure Bridals, a bridal boutique have announced their collaboration with Disney.

Their aim is to create stunning wedding dresses inspired by our favourite princesses.

The collection will feature sixteen dresses all designed around an array of Disney princesses.

The bridal range will be released at New York Fashion Week.

The dresses range from mermaid trains inspired by Ariel, to the classic romantic ballgown for Cinderella.

Each design “captures the style and spirit of Disney Princess characters".

The full collection will be revealed in April 2020.

But they aren't exactly cheap.

The prices will vary depending on the design. They range from $1,200 to $2,500.

It looks like you can put a price on happiness.

Disney's Platinum Collection will be even more expensive, with 7 of the styles priced up to $10,000.

The Disney range will only be sold in North America.

So we're in luck!

Brides will be able to snag themselves the Platinum Collection at Kleinfeld.

The dresses will be available at the New York and Toronto stores.

Here's what Allure Bridals CEO, Kelly Crum had to say...

“So many brides grow up admiring their favorite Disney Princess characters and are inspired by their journeys, gowns and stories of the classic films." “Our design team worked tirelessly on each of these incredible gowns, as each dress features intricate detailing specifically inspired by the timeless characters known and loved by all of us at Allure and Kleinfeld, as well as our brides." “We are honored to work with Disney on this collection and see the romance of it come to life." Scroll on to see the dresses that have been pipped as 2020's latest wedding trend.