Disney World is Now Selling Boozy Popsicles Made with Berries | 22 Words

There's no denying that Disney is one of the happiest places on earth. Between the magical parks, amazing resorts, fun rides, and delicious treats, what's not to love about Disney?

When most people think of Disney World, they think amusement park rides, photo opportunities with beloved characters, and Cinderella's stunning castle in the Magic Kingdom.

But did you know that Disney World also boasts a fantastic array of culinary bliss? If you're a foodie, do not sleep on the incredible food and drink that you can experience at a Disney park.

Of course, Disneyland is great too. But there are some people who believe that nothing compares to Florida's Disney World. It's definitely bigger and has different things to offer. For instance: you can now purchase boozy popsicles made with fresh berries in Epcot.

Yes, you heard that right.

Is there anything better than beating the hot Florida summer with an alcoholic popsicle? Keep reading to find out more about these boozy treats!

Both Disneyland and Disney World are great places to visit.

There's something so magical about visiting a Disney park. Who doesn't tear up when they catch a glimpse of Cinderella's castle?

Visiting Disney is a great vacation.

There's something for everyone! Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking to ride the fastest rollercoasters, or you're more of a "shop and walk around" Disney goer, everyone can have a good time.

The best part about Disney is arguably the food.

The food at both Disneyland and Disney World is amazing. Who doesn't want to eat tasty snacks while visiting the happiest place on earth?

You can't get something like this any place that isn't Disney...

Sure, the amount of sugar in something like this is probably astronomical, but it's totally worth it. When in Disney, right?

This Disney donut is the stuff dreams are made of.

It looks like a cartoon donut. Sure, riding Space Mountain is fun, but it doesn't compare to eating a donut that looks like this.

Just look at that thing!

It's almost too beautiful to eat. Almost, I said.

There's nothing like a Disney hot dog.

A foot-long hot dog with bacon and mac n' cheese on top? Yes, please. Just make sure to wait at least two hours before riding any fast rollercoasters after consuming this.

Disney desserts are just so cute.

You could truly visit a Disney park and have a great time just going on a food tour. Who needs rides when you have tons of things to eat?

This isn't your average milkshake...

Nothing at Disney is average. An ice-cream sandwich on top of a milkshake is dessert goals.

The best cake pop in the entire world?

This person certainly seems to think so. It's a cake pop at Disney - of course it's probably the best cake pop in the entire world.

A cupcake for every occasion.

Do you know what would go great with this cupcake? A boozy popsicle. But more on that later...

A rose gold Disney macaron is the thing you didn't realize you needed in your life.

It also has edible glitter on it. Who else is drooling over this treat?

Savory lovers, rejoice.

If sweets aren't your thing, don't sweat it. Disney offers a ton of amazing savory cuisine options.

But, really, can we talk about this perfect donut?

Who else wants to give it all up and just start a Disney food Instagram account? The next treat looks truly delicious.

At Disney, you can seemingly get any treat in a Mickey shape.

Surely a Rice Krispy treat shaped like Mickey tastes better than an ordinary one.

Warning. Next picture may induce drooling, stomach grumbling, and insatiable cravings.

An elote hot dog is a perfect snack while traipsing throughout Disney.

Poutine fans, raise your hands in the air!

You don't have to travel to Canada for some great poutine. Just hop on over to Disney's Epcot! You're going to be starving when you see the next Disney snack.

Who else is crazy about empanadas?

Listen, if you're going to spend money on a vacation in Disneyland or Disney World, you might as well go all-out when it comes to snacking.

A cereal-encrusted churro?

Well, now I've seen it all. Something tells me that once you have a churro covered in cereal, no other churro will ever stand a chance.

Nachos are good almost everywhere.

But they're especially tasty when they're Disney nachos. Can you taste the magic?

This is a key lime funnel cake.

Just hop on a plane to Florida and get over to Epcot in order to enjoy one. When will Disney be on Postmates?

The prettiest hand pie you've ever seen.

Pop tarts have nothing on these delicious babies. Okay, but seriously - can Disney get on Postmates ASAP?

Sometimes just a classic Minnie Mouse cupcake is best.

This is the cutest little dessert I've ever seen. If this were my purchase, it'd be devoured within two seconds.

This is a Cheshire Cat Tail.

It looks so good. A buttery croissant with icing? Sign me up.

A Tangled dessert looks exactly like I would picture it.

A whipped cream braid with flower decorations makes the perfect Tangled-themed eclair. It even has a chocolate frying pan! How clever is that?

This mini Aladdin cake is a work of art.

The folks at Disney Food Blog are doing important work. They keep fans up-to-date on the latest treats and food finds that the Disney parks and resorts have to offer.

Recently, they blogged about the now-available boozy popsicles in Epcot.

Just when you think Disney can't get any better, they introduce these delicious alcohol-infused popsicles.

The popsicles are available at the Via Napoli beverage and snack cart in Epcot's Italy pavilion.

The popsicles come in three flavors and are by Pop Fusions. There's also a non-alcoholic strawberry flavor as well. The non-alcoholic strawberry popsicle goes for $8.00 and is made from strawberries, sugar cane, water, and lemon juice.

But let's talk about these cocktail popsicles...

There's a Limoncello popsicle, made out of limoncello liqueur and fresh, local raspberries. Then there's the Berry Sangria popsicle, made from locally sourced wine and fresh berries. And then there's the Sparkling Strawberry Wine popsicle, which is made from sparkling wine and locally grown strawberries.

You can only buy one popsicle per valid 21-and-over ID.

Which is probably for the best, since the cocktail popsicles are priced at $12-$13 each. The next time you swing by Epcot, make sure to visit the Italy pavilion to grab these boozy summer treats!