Disney World Now Sells Boozy Dole Whip Frozen Margaritas | 22 Words

There are a lot of amazing places on earth. There's the Eiffel Tower. Times Square. Machu Picchu. There are places in this world that are breathtaking, surreal and unbelievable. But there is only one happiest place on earth (well, technically two).

I'm talking about Disney, of course.

Both Disney World and Disneyland are absolutely magical. There's something that happens to a person when they enter a Disney park - it's like all of the stress from life just melts away, and you can exist in that perfect bubble of nostalgia. You can be a little kid again, and you can witness actual kids having the best times of their lives. I'd be lying if I said I never got weepy watching a two-year-old toddle over to Mickey Mouse, giving him a big hug and a kiss. It's the cutest, most pure thing in the entire world.

Aside from the rides and attractions, the best part about the Disney parks is the refreshments. Adults who are obsessed with Disney, rejoice! Because Disney World is now selling boozy Dole Whip margaritas, proving that there is nowhere better to visit. Keep reading to find out where you can get one of these heavenly creations.

Disney World is the best place on earth.

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Dealing with the hot temperatures and thick crowds is worth it for a trip to Disney World. There's nothing like entering Magic Kingdom and seeing that view.

Does it ever get old?

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Magic Kingdom is only made more gorgeous after sunset. Don't even try to tell me you're not moved by that gorgeous picture.

Do you remember the first time you went to Disney?

Were you an oblivious toddler, unsure of what all the hullabaloo was about? Or were you an adult, visiting Disney for the first time and totally falling in love?

Los Angelenos, how much do we miss the original Tower of Terror?

California Adventure turned the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride into a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which sure. Fine. That's fun. But there's nothing better than the Tower of Terror! "You are now entering...the Twilight Zone!!!!!" I have chills just thinking about this ride.

As a Californian, I love Disneyland. But nothing compares to Disney World.

Can we petition to get Animal Kingdom in California? We're seriously missing out.

Although the World of Color at California Adventure is something to behold.

I'm a Disneyland fan #rideordie and have annual pass-holder pride. If you're not a Disney fan, what are you doing with your life?

Disney World may not be as old as Disneyland, but it's absolutely massive.

The Florida park opened in 1971. The Walt Disney World resort covers approximately 25,000 acres, has four theme parks and two water parks. Not to mention all of the hotels, shopping areas, and other entertainment venues.

A Disney vacation, whether at Disneyland or Disney World, is a true dream.

Whether you're a child or an adult, there's something for everyone to enjoy at Disney. I promise I do not work for Disney. I'm just obsessed.

But the absolute best part about Disney? The food!

I'm fully drooling at this picture of the "Loaded Whip" from the Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland. YUM. More on Dole Whips later... Right now, let's talk about some other delicious treats found at the Disney parks.

You can't visit Disney without eating a waffle shaped like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

These are almost too cute to eat. I said almost. These waffles look delicious.

This "Celebrate Mickey" chicken and waffle is everything.

Absolutely worth the food coma that you will most definitely be in after consuming this. Just make sure to avoid rollercoasters for at least 30 minutes after this fantastic treat.

Hold. The. Phone.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous ice-cream sandwich? This baby is off of a secret menu, which honestly makes it tastier. Who doesn't want to feel exclusive when ordering an ice-cream sandwich?

Is there anything better than lobster mac and cheese?

Yes. Lobster mac and cheese on a hotdog. Only at Disneyland would such a treat exist. My mouth is watering.

When a cupcake is too pretty to eat.

Just kidding. This gorgeous Cinderella Castle Cupcake is totally aesthetic goals and taste goals.

You can't go wrong with a cupcake.

This Mickey-centric treat looks drool-worthy. 10/10 would fly to Florida solely for this cupcake.

Mac and cheese is just better at Disney World.

This dish is best enjoyed with a side of Mickey Mouse ears and non-stop fun.

Can you say 'Violet Vanilla Blueberry Cronut' 3 times fast?

The folks at Disney Food Blog are truly doing the best work with their website and Instagram page. For donut-lovers out there, this seems like a must-try.

Milkshake, please.

I can't think of anything better than walking around Disney World and sipping on one of these amazing chocolate chip cookie milkshakes.

A cupcake fit for a princess.

The "Aurora" cupcake is totally adorable and perfect for anyone who wants to feel like a Disney princess for a day.

Okay, now we're talking.

Disney has always had awesome pretzels, but this is another level. Disney's specialty menus that pop up during different celebrations always have the best items on the list.

A waffle cone for when you're feeling evil.

A Maleficent-themed ice-cream cone? Yes, count me in. Who else is weeping that they didn't get to try this limited-time cone?

This funnel cake is a dream.

"Wow" seems to be the only word coming to mind when gazing upon this strawberry cheesecake "Funnel of Love" funnel cake found at Disneyland during Valentine's Day.

A pinecone makes a delicious snack.

How cute is this pinecone found at Disney World? They need to make this dessert available all of the time.

Just when you think you've seen it all at a Disney park...

They go and surprise you with Corn Dog Nachos. Honestly? I can't think of a treat that I would like to try more.

A sourdough bowl shaped like Mickey is a must.

Especially when it's filled with not just chili, but also mac and cheese. This secret menu item found in Disneyland is totally going on my "must-haves" list of Disney food. But alas, there is one treat that is so popular it's almost impossible to enjoy it without waiting in a long line...

The Dole Whip.

The Dole Whip is a staple Disney treat. If you've ever passed a Dole Whip stand, you've likely seen a terrifingly large line of people waiting to get their frozen goodies.

The pineapple-flavored soft-serve frozen treat is the perfect way to cool off at Disney.

You can find these treats in both Disneyland and Disney World. Just make sure you get to one of these stands early!

People have been doing Dole Whip hacks for awhile...

For instance, you can get a Dole Whip Float at the Disneyland Hotel, but you can add rum. Who doesn't want rum added to this popular treat? You can get a nice buzz going as you head back into the park.

But wait! There's even better news!

Disney World is now offering Dole Whip Lime Margaritas at their Polynesian Village Resort. They look unreal.

Unfortunately, you have to travel to Florida to try one of these babies.

They're $12.50, and served at Barefoot Pool Bar, and will soon hit the Oasis Bar and Grill. For $12.50, you can enjoy Dole Whip Lime mixed with Corazon Blanco Tequila. And if you're feeling fancy, you can add a spicy Tajin rim. Sign me up. Share this with a friend who loves Disney World!