Disturbing Footage Shows 20-Year-Old ‘Completely Paralyzed’ After Her Drink Was Spiked on Night Out

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Drinks being spiked by dangerous drugs has long been a fear for girls wanting a simple night out.

Now one girl’s story has gone viral…

Drink spiking is a truly terrifying phenomenon.

It refers to a drink being drugged in order to render a victim vulnerable.

And as students go back to college in the United Kingdom, drink spiking appears to be on the rise.

And one girl’s story has taken the internet by storm – as it’s just so extreme.

Ilana El-baz was spiked on a night out in Bristol, in the south of the UK, where she studies.

And her boyfriend decided to capture the effects on camera to show just how dangerous being spiked really is.

In clips obtained by the BBC, Ilana is seen slumped on the stairs of her home.

She is totally unresponsive and seems unable to even lift her head, which rolls into the banisters.

“The moment I told him I was with my boyfriend he left me completely,” she shared, as per The Sun. “An hour later I went back home and it hit and I was completely paralysed.”

We hope she’s feeling better now – and hope more can be done to stop this worrying trend.