16 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Wash Your Brain

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The wonderful thing about the internets is you can google pretty much any subject matter and find tons of academic articles dedicated to educating you into a smarter, better version of yourself.

The horrible thing about the internets is you can also find these – pics that make you not only dumber but also make you question why you ever looked at them in the first place.


1. Is it blood?

Looks like it, doesn’t it? But no, it’s actually just a very cleverly shaped pillow. The more you know.

2. Who did this?

Who turned an innocent squirrel into a pink-furred monstrosity? See, this is why humans can’t have nice things.

3. The dreaded two-headed calf

Or is it? Honestly, we don’t know, but we’re freaked out nonetheless.

4. It’s shadow cat!

A monstrous demon, poured up from the bowels of hell to haunt the living and bedevil cat lovers everywhere.

Wait, we’re hearing it’s not a demon. It’s just another cat you say? Well, damn.

5. Dog in a rug

Once upon a time, there was a dog who loved a rug so much, he eventually turned into it. All that was left was its head, grinning dopily up at you.

6. Mommy, is that a dog?

That’s what we assume the kids said when they saw this peculiar canine sauntering down the street.

For what reason, however, we’re not quite sure. Art? Fashion? Kink? Any of the above is fine – away from the children – of course.

7. And he sat there so long, he turned into a tree

It wasn’t his fault, though, as you might imagine. It was just all these new-fangled camouflaging technologies were so powerful, they literally transformed him into foliage.

8. The gentleman’s bust doth spilleth over

Who is this mysterious older gentleman and how has he kept his bosoms so impressive? The skin – supple; the bosoms – firm. Wait, what?! Oh, we see what happened there.

9. T.I.G.G.E.R. actually spells dog

Yes, it is true. Tigger was a dog all along. He just had some VERY clever camouflage. Now you know.

10. When going to the bathroom gets real

We’re not sure what’s happening here, but we assume this decor is meant to be inspiring. A meditation on the required act, as it were. Any which way – ick.

11. Man before nature?

Or nature before man? That’s the existential question we’re asking here. Did this mountain form eons ago just so this very similar man could take this very déjà vu picture? Were all the cosmos leading to this moment? Is the pizza guy still coming? We have so many questions.

12. Behold a hero

Faced by the twin crushing pressures of the American educational complex and puberty, one boy dared to stand up sit down for what was right. He dared to sleep.

Look at the planning, the forethought – the sheer unmitigated gall that went into this. He even copied the girl’s shoulder behind him. Hero.

13. The perverted angle

That’s what we’re gonna call this photo that turns a pretty innocuous name – Jana – into something obscenely lewd. This is why they say you should turn your child’s name around and view it from all angles.

14. Where did it go?!!!!

The problem with the human mind is it works in patterns. Here, we have a series of particularly shaped columns, at the very end of which is a girl’s bum. Let your mind fill out the rest.

15. Can you really reach that high?

If so, kudos to you. If not, why the heck is one all the way up there?

Wait, now we see the little hand grips leading all the way up. How do they expect that to work?

16. Do we have to call the cops?

Serious question. This woman’s leggings are both a crime against fashion and a facsimile of an actual crime – indecent exposure. Next time, jeans? Share these disturbing pictures with your friends! They won’t be able to unsee them no matter how hard they try!