Influencer Issues Warning After TikTok DIY Freckle Hack Gave Her Scarring and Vision Loss

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Australian influencer and TV personality Tilly Whitfield was recently left with severe scarring and vision loss when a viral TikTok hack went wrong.

The latest trend has provoked the reality star to issue a warning against taking part in a DIY freckle hack that’s given her scarring and vision loss.

“I literally shoved needles deep into my skin, this is not a rash”, the influencer voiced.

“For those asking why I have my blue clay face mask on continuously throughout the show this is what my face looked like a week prior to entering the house hence why I always have makeup on and my skin is always covered,” Tilly explained on Instagram, “This is the result of attempting to remove scarring I inflicted on myself trying to replicate an at-home beauty procedure I saw on a TikTok video 2 months before Big Brother.”
Tilly was recently a contestant on Australia’s popular reality show, Big Brother.

Although Tilly didn’t say which video trend she used, she told the New York Times that she had used ink and needles to give herself faux freckles…

Pricking herself with ink made her believe the “freckles would fade within 6 months.”
She told the outlet that the video didn’t tell her which ink to use, so she purchased brown tattoo ink online.
The reality TV star has since spent over $12,000 in doctor visits to try to find a cure for her skin damage, but no solution has been found yet.

Tilly then went on to beg her followers and other TikTok fans to avoid trying any “at home” beauty procedures as she ended up in hospital “with temporary loss of vision in her eye due to swelling and was very sick from the infection.”

Quite predictably, she received a wide range of reactions across social media platforms after her warning went viral. On her Instagram post, some followers said “Well aren’t you just the stupid one”, or “I am sorry but how can someone post their stupidity?”

“Let me guess she also eats tide pods,” one person on Twitter said…

And while some people were shocked that she thought this was a good idea, many gave Tilly nothing but support on her bravery for speaking up about her mistake.
“I DIED when you told me it was from TikTok hahah still look cute tho!!” Sarah Mcdougal, a fellow Big Brother contestant wrote.

TikTok has become one of the most popular apps across all social media platforms, with it being the 7th most-used platform.

But, despite the entertainment it provides for people around the world, some of its trends have become dangerous, and in some tragic cases, fatal.

Another beauty trend left a TikTok user with severe Acne scarring…

“This is why you should always use a professional and be careful with devices like this”, Sebastian Bails explained in his video, “just don’t do it, just don’t do it, my acne is literally worse!”
Please be careful when trying out DIY TikTok hacks, people!