DIYs So Bad They’ll Make You Ask DI-WHY

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The limit for DIY tutorials on the internet does not exist which can motivate anyone who wants to save a few bucks on decor and repairs to get crafty. Yet it seems that many people get overambitious when it comes to DIY projects. And we get it, some tutorials can make things look easier than they are and some people want to add their own creative flair to a project. Either way, it’s safe to say that most DIYs end up as fails and make you want to ask DI-Why?

Members of the sub-Reddit DIWHY hilariously roast DIY fails on the internet. And let me tell you, these DIY fails are not just funny, they’ll make anyone feel better about their do-it-yourself project shortcomings.

If you have a DIY project in mind or one that didn’t go as planned, you’ll want to check out this list we’ve put together for laughs and inspiration on your next project or if you want to feel better about not doing it yourself.

Anything to successfully drink coffee while driving.

Fabric is a bit hard to find right now but using an old shirt would have been a better idea.

I bet a child did this.

Maybe they’ll hang it up as decoration.

This makes my minivan loving heart weep. Keep scrolling for more DIY fails.

Obviously, whoever did the DIY for this security system was not thinking at all.

And most of the food would be stuck to the bag. This is a major DIY fail.

I wonder if the chair is supposed to be used as the stairs to this DIY loft.

Definitely consider donating baby items instead of making a DIY fail.

Keep scrolling for more projects that will make you ask yourself DI-Why?

Also, let’s hope the buckets come with this DIY church pew headboard.

The lengths some people take for technology.

I sure hope these mirrors are not placed in a dining room.

DIY crafters do not disappoint when it comes to their upcycling ideas.

This person should have thought about actually giving their mom a watch instead. Keep scrolling for more DIY fails.

No thoughts were put into this idea.

These would work as Halloween pranks.

It’s like straight out of Mad Max.

They look like real ants. But also, I probably wouldn’t even use this.

Quarantine definitely has some us of us doing some weird things. And there’s still more bizarre DIY to scroll through.

And in that case, I really like this DIY.

The most outlandish of DIY-Why’s .

Also, this is the fun size of coffee tables.

It’s definitely not a fan anymore, that’s for sure.

We’re going to need some holy water for these DIY Crocs.

They reached the ultimate level of boredom.

And now his mortar will get worse.

At least most of the wacky DIY projects have some humor in them.

Burn it, burn it with fire.

I wouldn’t drink all of that White Claw but at least they’re upcycling.