19 DIYs That Will Make You Look Like You Really Have Your Sh*t Together

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Your house is just the place you live until you add some of your own character to it in the form of decor.

Maybe you like lots of color throughout your home. Maybe you prefer the stark look of white walls and very minimal furniture.

Whatever your preference, there’s a way that you can achieve the home of your dreams — and you can do it without spending a fortune at HomeGoods.

It’s time for some DIY!

We found some of the coolest DIY projects to spruce up your home and convince the world that you actually know what you’re doing when it comes to home decor. Without any further ado, here they are! (You can click on the individual images to take you to the directions for each project!)

1. Wooden Bead Keychain Holder

You could make a wooden bead version of every person who lives in your house. How cute do they all look next to each other?

2. Tree Trunk Planters

Repurpose a fallen tree from outside and create this handy hanging planter. It’s perfect for a tiny succulent or cactus. If you’re not much of a green thumb, this next one is for you.

3. Painted Rock Cacti

Take some oval-shaped rocks and paint them with green and white paint. Stick ’em in a tiny pot (which you can also paint if you’re feeling extra crafty) and voila! You’ve got a “plant” that will never die!

4. Springtime Wreath

A large wooden hoop, some faux foliage (fauxliage?), and a woodcut word of your choosing (available at pretty much any craft store). Put them together and you’ve got a gorgeous wreath for your home. If you’re not into wreaths, here’s another fun DIY project to hang on your front door…

5. Umbrella “Wreath”

Welcome the spring showers and flowers by tucking some faux flowers into a cheery umbrella and hanging it on your door. We’re huge fans of any decor project that only requires two supplies.

6. Nail Polish Marbled Mugs

Nail polish isn’t just for your fingernails. This marbled effect is achieved by dripping the polish into some water and swirling it around. Gently place a coffee mug into the design and you’ll be left with the perfect vessel for your morning joe.

7. Paint Chip Polygon Art

You can get a few paint chip strips for free from most hardware stores. After that, your options are pretty much limitless. We love these fruit designs, but you could easily recreate just about any object with the right paint chips.

8. Golden Magnet Letters

Leave fun notes for your roommates or family members — but make ’em classy by adding some gold to the mix. This DIY look is achieved with a bit of spray paint. Imagine how fancy your fridge is gonna look!

9. Flower Monogram

With some cardboard, hot glue, and fake flowers, you can create a monogram that looks like it came straight from a high-end home decor store. If the flower look isn’t exactly your style, here’s another DIY monogram you might like…

10. Yarn-Wrapped Monogram

This one is even cheaper! All it takes is some cardboard and some yarn scraps. We love how this one uses multiple different colors and patterns to achieve an eclectic look.

11. Yarn Balls

This project requires yarn (again), glue, and a balloon. In other words, a few bucks’ worth of supplies can get you some great tabletop decorations.

12. Hammered Flower Tote Bag

Not only does this DIY project look absolutely darling; it’s also a great way to get some frustration out. Turns out hitting flowers with a hammer is hella cathartic.

13. Unicorn Planter

Is this not the most adorable planter you’ve ever seen in your life? Come on. It totally is. And you can totally make your own.

14. Geometric Straw Sculpture

You’ve probably seen these geometric sculptures all over the place, but buying one might be cost prohibitive (plus, it’s nowhere near as much fun as making your own). This one is made out of plastic straws! This next project is the perfect piece of art to hang in your window…

15. Glue and Glass Bead Suncatchers

In case you didn’t catch it, all you need to make these cheery suncatchers is some hot glue and those glass beads you always see at the dollar store. And some string to hang them up, of course.

16. Ribbon Bookmarks

This would be a great DIY gift to give to your favorite reader. Or you could make a few of your own and pop them in your latest read!  

17. Embroidery Hoop Chandelier

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking embroidery hoops are just for people who embroider. They can be used for all kinds of decorative projects, including this tassel-rrific chandelier.

18. Picture Frame Lantern

Guess what? You can get four picture frames like the ones seen here for about a buck apiece at — you guessed it — your local dollar store. Man, that place is the best, right?

19. Flower Wall

This is one of the cheeriest “headboards” we’ve ever seen, and putting it together is as easy as getting some faux flowers and hanging them up on your wall. Easy peasy. Share these projects with your favorite fellow DIY-er!