Following the sad news of rapper DMX's death, a woman has taken to Twitter to share her remarkable experience of being seated next to him on a flight.

Here's the full story...

Now, this story comes amid the tragic news that DMX has passed away.


On April 3rd, it was reported that the rapper, real name Earl Simmons, had suffered a drug overdose.

According to TMZ, the overdose triggered a heart attack.

He was subsequently rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York.

Since the news broke, rumors quickly began circulating online in regards to the rapper's condition.

It was initially reported by some outlets that DMX had been taken off life support but his attorney Murray Richman later said he was misinformed, confirming he was still in "grave condition" at the time after suffering a heart attack at home at around 11 pm on Friday, April 2nd.

In a statement, his family said:


"We are issuing this statement to combat all the false and misleading reports that are circulating on social media. Last night Earl 'DMX' Simmons was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at home."

Their statement continued:


"At this time he remains in ICU in critical condition. Earl has been a warrior his entire life. This situation represents yet another road he must cross."

"The Simmons Family appreciates the overwhelming outpouring of heartfelt love, encouragement, support and prayers for Earl. Earl is someone whose life and music has been a source of inspiration and strength to so many people around the world."


"It is reassuring to see his fans return that same passion and energy to him during his time of need."

Tributes from fans and friends alike have since been pouring in over Twitter...

But there is one that has stood out among the rest.

A woman named Jennifer Fraser took to the platform to share her own personal experience with the rapper.

She began by explaining that, because her step-daughter, Mia, had graduated college, she was treating the pair to a long weekend to San Diego.

As an extra treat, Jennifer decided to upgrade their tickets to first-class...

However, they weren't actually seated together, but instead on 2 aisle seats adjacent to each other.

3 more people boarded the plane at the last minute...

And, straight away, Jennifer knew the person to sit beside her was famous because of his entourage in tow.

She recalled her famous side-passenger asking for a "double jack w/ice"...

And noticed that he'd eaten an airborne pill, "the kind meant to be dissolved in water."

Meanwhile, her step-daughter was still keen to find out who exactly it was sitting beside her, but she didn't have to wait for much longer.

After asking Jennifer about the headphones he'd purchased in the airport, the mystery man introduced himself as "D"...

Later elaborating that it is short for his stage name, DMX.

"He added his real name was Earl."

"His music was present during many fun nights in college. I text Mia and sent a link to his profile and she began her research."

But then, after sitting quietly for a while, DMX struck up the conversation once more.

"He asked me what I was reading. We got into a discussion about social media, he preferred Instagram, he had more engagement there."

Their social media discussion continued...

And, at one point, the rapper excused himself to get his "social phone," wherein he asked Jennifer to show him the correlation between an image and its engagement.

He ended up sharing the photo she picked, writing:

"My own person constellation shared with @jenniferfraser."

Their conversation continued...

And, somehow, they ended up discussing the soundtrack of the Disney musical, Hamilton.

"He explained how he loved when people held up their phone flashlights during performances. It reminded me of a photo I had just seen of Lin-Manual Miranda in an article about Hamilton. DMX wasn't familiar w Hamilton so I shared the soundtrack and we talked about the casting."

"We discussed race and his incarceration. He was so authentic and candid."

Jennifer then explained how, after fetching a different phone from his handler, the rapper played an unreleased song he had recorded with John Legend written about his grandmother who raised him.

DMX also told Jennifer about his children.

"He talked about his kids, he has a lot of kids. He worried about them and told me how much he enjoyed being a father returning again to stories of his grandmother and her influence in his life and as a parent. He talked about her illness, cancer. He talked about his faith."

At the end of their flight, DMX asked for Jennifer's phone number...

And invited her and Mia to attend his performance as his guests.

Thinking he was just being polite and believing that he wouldn't call, Jennifer obliged and gave him her number.

But, miraculously, DMX was true to his word.

After returning to her hotel room after dinner at around 9 pm, Jennifer received a phone call from DMX asking her and Mia to meet him at his hotel.

Wearing some of Mia's "college clothes", the pair set off to his hotel...

Where DMX greeted them and headed to the venue.

Concluding her thread, Jennifer wrote:

"DMX was very gracious. He narrowed his focus preparing to perform. We sat on stage and watched him perform a set. He took a break and sat with us."

"DMX is a talented artist, a loving father, and a kind soul."

Rest in Peace, DMX.