Fans of Netflix's X-rated 365 DNI have been left furious as the actor who plays Massimo has been exposed - with "vile" posts resurfacing.

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Netflix really does have it all.

But it seems one of its recent movie additions has been soliciting a very strong reaction.

And those who have already watched it have warned viewers not to view it alone.

But this isn't for the reason you might expect...

Because this movie isn't a horror film. But, once you learn a bit more about it... it all makes sense. Keep scrolling for the trailer...

In fact, the movie has actually received some backlash.

Not everyone was happy after watching.

So, this strong reaction comes courtesy of Netflix's new flick 365 DNI.

The polish movie landed on the streaming giant last week.

It's based on Blanka Lipinska's novel of the same name...

And has been written and directed by Barbara Bialowas.

The flick centers on a member of the Sicilian Mafia, Massimo.

Massimo ends up kidnapping a sales director named Laura, who is on vacation trying to save her relationship.

But here's where things get... interesting.

Massimo gives Laura 365 days to fall in love with him.

During the course of the movie...

There's a ton of intimate scenes that give the likes of Fifty Shades a run for its money.

But that's not even the half of it.

Some are speculating whether the actors were actually having intercourse due to how realistic the scenes were. More on that later...

With all the love-making...

Many viewers have been urging people against watching alone.


Well, because some are candidly confessing that it has made them very frustrated. Yep...

Many took to Twitter to reveal just how hot under the collar the movie made them.

And the general consensus is very.

In true Twitter-style there were a lot of memes...

The internet well and truly exploded with reactions - many of which consisted of viewers begging for Massimo to kidnap them.

Although not everyone sees it in the same way...

The movie's rapid spread in popularity has seemed to have caused some viewers to express their outrage at the flick.

Some said the movie's frequent sex scenes made them "uncomfortable."

You can't please everyone, right? But that's not the only reason it's come under fire. Scroll on for what's annoying people the most...

Others have put the movie on blast for romanticizing Stockholm syndrome and kidnapping.

Some accused the flick of “trivializing rape and kidnapping," while another wrote: “Kidnapping is a crime, it’s not romantic."

It didn't end there...

Others pointed out that Massimo's character is point-blank abusive. "He had no redeeming qualities. Like some stories like these show the nice side but not this one. Nope he’s just controlling and abusive."

People were furious.

"Just finished #365Dni & while the sex scenes were great, the story itself just romanticizes kidnapping & a forced relationship. You basically just watch shawty get Stockholm syndrome."

Others slammed the movie for being all out "trash."

We don't think this movie will be getting rave reviews any time soon...

The backlash has continued this week...

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But this time, it's not because of the movie itself, but one of its leading stars.

Michele Morrone plays Massimo in the movie.

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But it seems the actor is actually quite problematic - and one girl made a TikTok with all the receipts. Keep scrolling to watch...

The video starts off with the girl telling viewers that she "shouldn't stan the actor."

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Why? Because of problematic posts that have resurfaced.

The first post shows the actor using the N-word...

via: TikTok

"I have in mind this man is twenty-nine. He knows what he's doing and he didn't even apologize," she says.

He also reportedly stole pictures and tried to take credit for them - claiming a friend took them...

via: TikTok

And when the photographer called him out, he told them he would "call his lawyers."

It doesn't end there...

via: TikTok

He allegedly commented on an underage girl's post. While the comments are in Portuguese, the girl in the video says she's been told what he was saying was "flirtatious."

His behaviour towards Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who plays Laura in the movie, was also called into question.

via: TikTok

He once responded to Anna, writing: "I know you're eating too much!!" Of course, this could be an inside joke of some kind, but the girl in the video notes how this could still be considered fat-shaming.

He was allegedly also rude to a fan.

via: TikTok

A Twitter user described her unpleasant encounter with him.

After hearing about all this...

Fans are officially canceling the star.

People are not happy.

And despite finding him very attractive, many have said they have no choice but to unstan.

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