Do You Notice Cops Tap Your Taillight When You’re Pulled Over? Here’s Why…

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Not only because you know you’re in trouble with the law for something you KNOW you did, but also due to the anxiety you get from wondering what OTHER laws you may have broken.

It turns out there are several very good reasons for this seemingly odd habit, and they might just surprise you.

That’s understandable. You’re probably wracked with nerves. I mean, who isn’t totally freaking out when the lights and sirens are going on behind them?

But you’re probably (hopefully?) not one of those, so take the fact that you get freaked out by cops as a sign that you’re a decent, law-abiding citizen. Be worried when you’re NOT freaked out by cops.

Part of the reason is for their own safety, and many believe part of it might just be tradition or an effort to confuse you. Take a look at the facts of the matter on the next page and draw your own conclusions!

But there’s still a LITTLE more to it than that, as you’ll see.

If someone’s scared, that’s…good. It means they’re not looking to face-off with a police officer, thank goodness.  

So now you know. What do you do with this information? Well, don’t be too startled. The more surprised you are by the tap, the more suspicious you’ll seem, so stay cool and expect it.

It’s worth repeating if you experience that good fortune once, for sure.

They’re just doing their job, and it’s all part of the routine. They’re not presuming guilt or innocence. Just take a deep breath and get through the interaction as best you can. They want it to be over as much as you do!