Have you ever been walking down the street and pause because you're suddenly face to face with some sort of creature? A creature you didn't even know was there, but then suddenly BAM! That trashcan suddenly looks suspiciously like a monster or a bird.

It's pretty hilarious when it happens, and interestingly enough there seem to be a ton of "faces" in everyday objects. Here are 15 things that look alive even though they definitely aren't.

Is that a pipe or a robot?

Whatever it is, it's definitely holding on for dear life! Get out of the quicksand, little robot!

When your trashcan is actually a guard.

The "keeper" of the trash. Honestly, we're a little intimidated.

How can you eat something with a face on it?

Such a pity, too. They look so delicious! But they're definitely alive.

Hi, yes, we haven't stopped laughing about this for several minutes.

These are very Mr. Burns-esque. Imagine walking into the office and spotting these little fellas. Excellent.

Look, he's so happy!

And always ready to help. What a little sweetie! What other faces pop up?

It's so cute, we're screaming!

Yes, actually screaming. Look at that potato! How could anyone eat that adorable little fella?

It's going to be a fun flight!

Ready, set, TAKE OFF! Such a happy face right there, and we're all about it.

Is that an alien?

Looks like it parked its UFO around the corner or something. We're into it. We just hope it comes in peace!

Oh honey, we just LOVE what you've done with your hair!

Very "moppish." Although this mop has quite the side eye.

Can we get an autograph?

Because that's definitely Conan O'Brien! Wow, what a celebrity!