Doctors Share Most Important Messages for People They’re Protecting | 22 Words

More often than not, emergency services staff don't get the credit they deserve, and that couldn't be more the case amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, doctors across the world are coming together to share an important message. Keep scrolling to take a look at the video for yourself.

In our hour of need...

We rely on the incredible work of the emergency services and healthcare professionals.

And when it comes to medical pandemics?

It's these people who are on the front line trying to protect us.

And more often than not...

They don't even have sufficient protective gear, or at least, not enough of it to go around - i.e. proper masks.

We can get so wrapped up in ourselves, that we forget how much we rely on these people...

And of course, the fact that they are exposed to sick people day in day out - working hours that many of us couldn't even begin to imagine.

They themselves put their own health at stake.

Not to mention the long hours and mental health repercussions that come along with this.

And of course, this is no different when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the situation gets more serious, we are leaning on the vital work of healthcare professionals more and more.

In fact, things have gotten so bad that retired healthcare professionals are being asked to return.

Yep, really. Over the pond in the U.K. tens of thousands of retired medics are being asked to return to the UK's National Health Service in order to "boost frontline services," as per the BBC.

Healthcare services are strained as it is.

And we have to remember that they are people too.

Just yesterday, doctors and nurses were pleading for masks.

Across the globe, staff are being forced to re-use dirty masks or even make their own. Keep scrolling to watch the video highlighting the important message that doctors need you to listen to.

This is truly awful.

How has this been allowed to happen?

Not to mention the fact that when they finally finish their shift...

They can't even buy any food due to people stockpiling. One nurse even filmed herself breaking down in tears after a forty-eight-hour shift when she pulled up to the grocery store (you can read her heartbreaking story at the end).

But of course, there is still so much good in the world.

For example, some kindhearted people have been donating protective masks to healthcare workers.

People have also been coming up with other ways to show their gratitude.

Small gestures like this go a long way.

This is a time for pulling together.

And this week, doctors and nurses across the world have been sharing an important message that they need you to hear. Keep scrolling to take a look.

And given how much they are doing for us...

The least we can do is pay attention and listen to them.

It all started with a viral TikTok featuring various doctors.

And the core message quickly snowballed into something even bigger. Keep scrolling for the clip.

The clip has really struck a chord with viewers.

And many have been struggling to hold back the tears while watching.

Other healthcare workers began taking to Twitter to share the important message.

They have been rallying together to try and slow the spread of COVID-19.

They are doing everything they can to help the situation.

All we need to do is listen.

Watch the original clip below:

This is so important. Listen to the experts and stay at home. A heartbreaking video clip has gone viral of a nurse, who has just completed a forty-eight-hour shift, in tears after there was nothing for her to buy at the grocery store. This is awful. Keep scrolling to watch...