Dog Befriends All the Butterflies That Live in His Garden | 22 Words

One Instagram user has shared adorable images of their pet dog making friends with butterflies, and it is the most heartwarming thing...

All pet owners can agree...

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Having a furry companion is what makes life complete.

Studies have proven that having a pet significantly lowers stress...

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And it also lowers the risk of suffering from high blood pressure or heart conditions.

They can be the key to happiness...

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And owning an animal like a dog or a cat can help people win their battle against loneliness - especially elderly people.

And for younger people?

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Growing up with a pet cements a life-long bond.

It's true when they say pets are a part of the family...

And especially with dogs, pets are one of the most loyal family members a person can have.

They stand by us through thick and thin...

And a dog never judges... which is probably why they love us so much!

There have been many heartwarming stories of growing up with dogs...

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But the one we're about to tell you is perhaps the best yet.

Meet Milo.

He's a 2-year-old Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.

And he's very friendly!

Particularly with his garden butterflies!

His garden is filled with beautiful monarch butterflies.

And it's clear Milo is a fan!

We all love unique animal friendships.

But this might just be the sweetest yet.

Looking like an Instagram influencer.

Milo would not be out of place at Coachella!

Owner Jennifer shared his adorable story.

"I had a dog before Milo named Boden who passed away and Milo is his nephew," she shared.

"Milo was 10 weeks old when he joined our family."

"He is very self-confident, loves nature, hiking, and cooking."

"We also raise monarchs, so they are always in the garden, and Milo’s very used to having them around."

"My favorite thing about Milo is how loving and caring he is. He always makes sure everyone is doing well."

"Even when you feed him a meal, he will come over to you in the middle and give you a kiss as a thank you."

"He’s done that since he was a tiny puppy."

"He was a born butterfly king."

We absolutely have to agree!

"Milo loves to cook his own treats."

"His favorite ingredients are peanut butter and carrots."

"He also loves to hike and play at the beach."

"Any place he can run around and have fun."

"We raise monarch butterflies to help grow their population."

"There are a lot of predators that can kill the caterpillars, so we try to help them through their stages and release them when they are butterflies."

"Milo loves it!"

"We have so many butterflies in the garden."

"Milo is a natural model."

"He loves getting pictures taken of him. He will find beautiful spots and stop for pictures. Like he will stand in the middle of a flower field and wait for a picture." Fancy more unusual animal friendships? Scroll on!