Dog the Bounty Hunter Cannot Arrest Brian Laundrie

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As Dog the Bounty Hunter continues his search for Brian Laundrie, it has been revealed that he would be unable to arrest Laundrie without facing charges himself…

But now, it has been revealed that even if Dog were to find Laundrie…

He would be unable to arrest him without facing charges himself.

The has revealed that Dog wouldn’t be able to arrest or detain Laundrie otherwise he would be at risk of being charged himself.

As he is legally banned from arresting or holding somebody against their will.

The reason why?

Despite joining the search and appearing to look official, Dog is not actually licensed as a bounty hunter or private investigator anywhere.

Dog’s lack of licensing means that his role in the search for Laundrie is the same as other citizens who may wish to join.

And just like for anyone else, making a citizen’s arrest would be forbidden unless he were to catch the offender while they are committing a crime.

As per the, the vice president of the Florida Bail Bondsmen Association, Mike Harrison said that should Dog try to arrest or detain Laundrie, he could be criminally charged himself.

“That would be kidnapping or false imprisonment,” Harrison said.

He also added that Dogs licensing being missing comes from an old murder conviction he received in the seventies.