A golden retriever was remarkably found swimming along Jersey Shore after 2 weeks of being missing!

New Jersey Police Troopers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi received a call that a golden retriever had been found swimming in Barnegat Bay...


They found the dog around seventy-five yards from shore and although he was understandably spooked, the officers managed to use a rope to lift him to safety.

"He was extremely tired," says Ferdinandi, "Definitely malnourished, hungry."

On June 6th, owners Marie and James Zangara were playing fetch with 3-year-old Chunk when he disappeared into the woods after getting startled.


A search mission was instantly deployed to find the pup but they sadly had no luck, the Trooper said.

But miraculously on Tuesday morning, 2 joggers spotted Chunk on the Mantoloking Bridge.

When they got closer, Chunk jumped in the water and swam a whopping 2 miles before he was rescued.

The dog seemed wary of the Troopers at first: "He kind of backed away from us," Ferdinandi said. But they kept Chunk close by while heading to shore.

"To see the sigh of relief that a part of their family was back was unbelievable, and the dog was happy to see his family as well."

Koehler understands how devastating it must be to lose a dog, having one himself: "I am totally sympathetic."

The news was announced in a post on their Facebook page, which has since been shared over 6,000 times.

"Troopers Koehler and Ferdinandi responded in a vessel and located Chunk, who was swimming in the area of the Mantoloking Bridge, and were able to bring him safely to shore," the State Police wrote.


"Chunk, who is 3 years old, was missing for more than 2 weeks," the post continues, "Needless to say he was ecstatic to be reunited with his grateful owners."

We're just glad Chunk was rescued and reunited with his loving family!