Dog Leggings Are the Perfect Thing to Keep Your Best Friend Warm This Winter | 22 Words

If winter is chilly for humans, imagine how cold our little pups must be! If you're an animal lover and a pet owner, chances are you treat your fur baby as if they're a human baby. Would you ever go out of the house with a human baby who wasn't dressed properly for the frigid temperatures? Absolutely not! So why should it be any different when it comes to your puppy?

If you haven't figured it out yet, it shouldn't be any different! Don't worry– there are now adorable dog leggings to keep your dog warm. Also, there's nothing cuter than an animal in clothes. So as you're doing your holiday shopping this season, why not add in a few cozy leggings for your dog?

Walkee Paws is a Manhattan-based company owned by dog-lover Lisa Baronoff and they sell the most adorable leggings.

Baronoff wanted a solution for her dog's dirty paws after walking around the bustling streets of Manhattan.

via: Walkee Paws

After no luck with booties or wipes, Baronoff decided to take matters into her own hands. She developed "Walkee Paws," leggings for your dog that are comfortable and protect from the pavement's nasty germs.

As an added bonus, they're VERY cute.

via: Walkee Paws

They're also affordable, at only $19.99 a pair. With four patterns, your dog will be a bonafide fashionista.

And your house will no longer have muddy paw prints all over the floor.

via: Walkee Paws

But mostly, they look precious.

The leggings come in three standard sizes - small, medium and large.

via: Walkee Paws

They're super comfortable for your dog, so you don't have to worry about your pup being annoyed. In fact, they'll love these leggings as much as you do.

Wouldn't they make the perfect stocking-stuffer gift?

They're also a great gift for fellow pet-owners.

And they're waterproof!

What more could you ask for in dog leggings?

They should make these for humans.

But I guess that would just be regular shoes.

Your dog in these leggings will be the envy of all dogs.

Wouldn't you be upset if you were a dog and didn't have these?

The most fashionable group of pups in town.

The pavement gets so cold. These leggings will keep your pup nice and toasty.

Look at that pose!

Dogs make the best models.

Oh, wow– this is cute.

I want this dog for Christmas. This is the only thing I want.

They're also washable.

Which makes taking care of these leggings super easy. You can toss them into your own laundry.

What a dream.

That is a very stylish, adorable pup.

He knows he's cute.

Can I have the confidence that this dog has? Please?

Walkee Paws are very cute, but there are tons of pups in adorable winter clothes. Here are some that will brighten your day.

Like this guy rocking that cute sweater. His expression says it all.

Should this dog be on the cover of GQ?

He is serving LOOKS. Or should I say, "lewks?"

A tiny, perfect creature.

He looks like one of Santa's little helpers.

What a regal boy!

The sweater is very sophisticated. He looks like a college professor.

When you know you're adorbs.

If this dog had an Instagram, this picture would get a ton of likes.

How does a dog look so much like an old man?

The Christmas sweater is a great touch.

This is going to be my new Christmas card.

I have no idea who this dog belongs to, but I am sending a picture of it to everyone I know with the caption, "Seasons Greetings!"

His face is saying, "Just hurry up and take the picture, mom!"

Kids, they just don't understand.

Cozy vibes.

I want to be as warm and snuggly as this dog.

Someone is NOT into their Christmas costume.

"Why do you foolish humans find joy in my pain?"

I'm not a regular dog, I'm a cool dog.

This dog knows how to kick it back with some casual style.

The look of confusion is too sweet.

And that sweater is as cute as the pup who is wearing it.

How is this dog real?

The slight head tilt is everything.

Back to the grind!

Even dogs needs to focus on their careers.

Superhero sweater dog.

The tongue sticking out is iconic.

He's smiling!

He knows he's all that and a bag of chips. Share this with your friend who loves dressing their dog in cozy clothes!