Dog Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Catching It From Infected Owner | 22 Words

We are in the midst of a medical crisis.

The deadly coronavirus that originated in China has infected hundreds of people and is now spreading across the globe at an alarming rate.

Amongst the global panic, people have been trying to figure out exactly where the virus has come from and how to treat it effectively.

But now, scientists' fears have been confirmed after a dog has now been tested positive for the virus.

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Wuhan, China is currently in the middle of a medical crisis.

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The Chinese city with a population of over eleven million citizens is currently on lockdown as authorities investigate the spreading of a deadly disease.

It is known as the coronavirus outbreak...

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Reuters gave a short guide to what it is exactly... "Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that get their name from what they look like under a microscope - they are spherical and their surfaces are covered with "crown"-like spikes."

The symptoms can be deadly.

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"Coronavirus infections have a wide range of symptoms, including fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Severe cases can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and death."

A lot of people have now died from the virus...

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It has been confirmed by Worldometer that 2,859 people have now died globally, with the majority being in mainland China. There are currently 83,000 cases around the world.

It is notoriously difficult to cure...

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And this is because of the speed in which the virus can mutate. The technicalities read... "The virus blends with its host's DNA, which means it can mutate rapidly."

The United Nations may be on the brink of declaring a global outbreak...

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The United Nation's health agency was forced to delay a decision on whether to declare the outbreak an international public health emergency as they continue to discuss the appropriate solution to the crisis.

Authorities in China have canceled Chinese New Year events because of the lockdown...

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And flights to and from the location have been reduced drastically in order to stop further infection.

And now, everyone is asking the same thing...

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What is it that's causing this deadly virus?

There are many theories...

But it is widely believed that the sale of meat from wild animals is the prime cause of the coronavirus.

Bats are believed to be one of the main culprits...

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Strains of the virus have been discovered in bats in the past and, with them being a delicacy in some areas of China, they are believed to be one of the primary causes.

Chinese influencers have been heavily criticized for the consumption of bats...

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And many have been eating the bats whole without properly preparing or cooking them.

But regardless of where it comes from, the virus can be spread quickly and easily...

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And Chinese officials have warned that the strains can be spread by coughing, kissing or making contact with saliva.

Scientists have been working tirelessly in a bid to find a vaccine...

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But despite generous donations made to the cause, they have so far had no luck.

People all around the world are panicking.

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Not only are they worried about their own wellbeings, but they are also worried about the wellbeing of their pets.

In China, a terrible rumor was spread that the coronavirus was being passed around from cats and dogs...

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And tragically, some people believed this rumor and went to some extreme lengths to protect themselves.

5 cats in Shanghai and 1 dog in Tianjin City were thrown from the roofs of buildings...

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Sadly, none of the pets survived these heartless acts, and this truly goes to show the brutality that people will go to in order to protect themselves from the virus.

And what's even more heartbreaking...

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It was reassured by experts that the coronavirus cannot be passed on or spread through animals such as dogs and cats. The China Global Television Network said, "There is no evidence showing that pets such as cats and dogs can contract the novel coronavirus."

This was proven to be correct...

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Until now.

Reports have come in that a dog has caught the virus from its infected owner...

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A pet Pomeranian dog in Hong Kong has officially tested positive for the coronavirus.

The dog was collected from the owner's home on Wednesday...

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"Nasal and oral cavity samples were tested weak positive to COVID-19 virus," an Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) said to The Daily Mail, without explaining why they tested the animal in the first place.

The dog is yet to show any symptoms...

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Local media said the owner of the dog is a sixty-year-old businesswoman named Yvonne Chow Hau Yee.

Hau Yee started showing symptoms on the 20th of February...

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And she was diagnosed with the coronavirus 5 days later.

This is a developing story...

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So make sure to stay tuned for further updates.