Dog the Bounty Hunter Proposes to His Girlfriend | 22 Words

Duane Chapman (better known to his fans as Dog the Bounty Hunter) certainly had a tough 2019.

Since the death of his beloved wife, Beth, the reality TV star has experienced health complications and has struggled with his mental health, which has led him to one of the lowest points of his life.

Despite the struggles, however, he and his family have been powering on.

Recent reports about Dog dating his son's ex-girlfriend have been unsurprisingly controversial. But it doesn't seem to have affected his feelings too much - as he has now asked her a rather important question. Keep scrolling to watch the video!

It all started in 1986...

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Beth was only nineteen years old when she met Dog. The situation was difficult as Dog was already married, but this didn’t stop the pair from striking up an on-off relationship.

But they called it quits when Beth married Keith Barmore.

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It didn't last for Beth and Keith and after a couple of years, they decided a divorce would be best for both of them.

Dog's marriage didn't last either...

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So the two former lovers reunited in 1995, before getting married in 2006.

The couple had two children and were together until the very end.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, the TV show that propelled them to superstardom, then came along. The show was based on the life and experiences of Duane, who bounty hunts for a living.

The show became a hit after people fell in love with the couple.

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It was so popular that they ended up getting their very own spin-off show: Dog & Beth: On The Hunt.

Their constant bickering was comedy gold.

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A lot of other married couples felt as though they could relate to them, which only helped them grow in popularity.

Things seemed to be going well for them, but then Beth shared some tragic news last year.

She announced that she had been diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. Despite being told that she was free of the disease only 3 months later, the cancer returned in 2018. This lead to Beth having to undergo an emergency operation to remove a mass on her throat, but it was unsuccessful.

Her health very quickly deteriorated...

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After resting at home in recovery from further treatment, Beth was taken to Queen’s Medical Centre in Hawaii after having difficulty breathing. According to reports, she began fighting against the help of doctors and it was understood that she was attempting to remove the tubes that were in place to feed her medication and fluids.

Beth passed away in her home in Hawaii on the 26th of June 2019.

Her husband broke the news that everyone was dreading in a tweet that ended, "See you on the other side."

It was an extremely difficult time for Dog and the rest of Beth's family...

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After his wife's death, Dog found it really difficult to cope. The impact of the tragic event really had a toll on his mental and physical wellbeing.

In the following days, the bounty hunter lost seventeen pounds...

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His physical health suffered tremendously as the man lost seventeen pounds within 2 days. He was also in and out of the hospital as he suffered from what were described as "severe" heart conditions and depression symptoms in the weeks that came.

And a shocking revelation broke our hearts a few months ago...

Dog the Bounty Hunter revealed that he was actually contemplating taking his own life due to the downward spiral he was heading in after Beth passed.

During the filming of the finale for Dogs Most Wanted, the TV star broke down.

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The footage was extremely hard to watch as we saw Dog, with tears streaming down his face, claim that the grief was too much to bear and at one point he was considering making a drastic decision in order to reunite with Beth again.

In his own words, he described his feelings:

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"I don’t realize yet psychologically that she’s gone, gone and I’ll never, ever see her. I don’t realize that. I just hope that I don’t live very much longer without her, because now she made the first step, she’s through the gate. She paved a way for me. I want to take a god damn pain pill so bad."

But rumor has it...

That Dog has begun to move on but with someone a little close to home.

The rumor has come from Dog's daughter, Lyssa Chapman...

She called her dad out on Twitter, strongly suggesting he has started dating her brother's ex-girlfriend.

Moon Angell is the woman in question...

Moon, whose real name is Mary, previously dated Dog's son and she is now apparently trying to worm her way back into the family through Dog.

Lyssa is not happy about the current situation...

In a series of tweets, she has expressed her disapproval and betrayal over her dad's decision to start this relationship.

Many of Dog's fans feel that it is fine for him to move on...

But Lyssa replied to a fan's sour comment with, "It's not when or why it's who" - suggesting strongly she is fine with him moving on, just not with her brother's ex-girlfriend.

Lyssa certainly didn't hold back...

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In a further series of tweets that have now been deleted, she wrote, "You're a disgusting woman," and "Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a 'friend' to, is the lowest scum on the planet. Which for you wasn't that far of a step down from where you were before. God will get you MARY!"

And now Dog has spoken out.

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In an interview with Radar, the reality star revealed all about his new relationship.

And it seems he isn't embarrassed about moving on.

In fact, he defended his choice to embark on a new love story with Moon.

"Moon has been a trustworthy and loyal friend to me for over 20 years."

"She has been with my family through many ups and downs."

It seems loneliness has been a part of his decision to enter a new relationship.

"All my children are grown and gone on their own, there’s no one left to help me!"

"Moon is experienced."

"It’s just that. Who knows what my future holds, but right now I need her."

He spoke on Beth briefly, too.

"There will never be another Mrs. Dog but that doesn’t mean I have to be so sad."

And now it seems Dog is ready to take things to the next level.

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As a trailer for an upcoming Dr. Oz appearance has got the whole internet talking.

The preview shows Dog and Moon talking about their controversial relationship.

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"I am a lot happier with her here, with her around," insisted Dog. Moon was more subdued, admitting, "I have a lot of enemies right now."

But that wasn't the most shocking moment.

The footage also shows Dog popping a rather important question to Moon. And the internet doesn't know what to think.

Some are happy about the proposal.

But many believe he's moving on from his late wife way too quickly.

Here's the clip that's got everybody talking.

As for Moon's answer? Well, we'll be eagerly awaiting the episode on February 3rd to find out! Dog's love life isn't the only thing in turmoil right now. Keep scrolling to learn all about his financial troubles - stemming from his past murder conviction.