Dog Still Visits Coal Mine That Collapsed and Killed Its Beloved Adoptive Owner

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A dog, whose owner was killed in a tragic coal mining accident still visits the location every day.

It has almost been 3 weeks since Gonzalo Cruz was one of the 7 people killed after a coal mine partially collapsed in Múzquiz, Coahuila which is located in the northeast of Mexico, but his loyal pet has not forgotten him for a second.

Cuchufleto was adopted by Cruz and ever since he joined the family, he would accompany his owner on walks to and from work at the coal mine. While Cruz was working, Cuchufleto would walk home but on days that he would be running late, the caring dog would make his own way to his owner’s workplace to see what was going on.

“He would leave with my husband at 6:30 am,” Sandra Briseño, Cruz’s widow said, “He even went inside with my husband to the mine. He did not care that it was dark. There he was. Sometimes he would go out and wait for him outside.”

However, things changed on June 4th, the day of the partial collapse in the mine. Cruz, along with 6 other workers, were killed in the sudden accident.

Speaking to Spanish television station 15 Sabinas, Briseño described the day, saying that Cuchufleto had sensed something was wrong as his owner had not made his way back home so he took his usual route to the coal mine. When he arrived, rather than being greeted by Cruz and other smiling faces, he was caught in the midst of chaos.

Rescue workers were hurrying to find people who had been trapped beneath the rubble of the damaged coal mine.

According to Briseño, Cuchufleto remained outside the location until they pulled Cruz’s lifeless body from the ground 2 days after the initial accident on June 4th. He was laid to rest later on in the day and while everyone else returned home after the overwhelmingly emotional event, the pup stayed out until it was late at night.

Since then, it has been reported that the distraught pet just lays on the steps of his home waiting for his owner to return, but the same sad ending happens every day. Residents have seen him sniffing around the mine and scratching the ground as if he’s looking for Cruz. The heartbroken dog has also stopped eating, only drinking water throughout the day, while “crying” and “moaning.”

“Maybe he thinks that my husband is still there, he turns around and comes back and stays lying,” said Briseño, saying that their pet was also grieving the loss of their loved one, “One day he was crying and crying, moaning, like a cry when something hurts. It is the pain that he feels for the absence of my husband who he has not seen.”

Our heart breaks for Cuchufleto, as well as the rest of Cruz’s family while they heal during this difficult time.